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Posted on Feb 28, 2015

It’s definitely time for March Madness!!! Holy crap, wait till you see what’s coming!

But before then, listen all weekend to win Squamish Valley Music Festival tickets on the Peak. Call in when you hear Mumford & Sons.

Next week is going to be insane, and here’s what’s on the menu:

Rock 101 – Viva Rock Vegas! When you hear “Smooth” by Santana, caller 10 at the END of the song wins flights (from Bellingham), 3 nights at Mandalay Bay (we’ve always dreamed of staying there, the pool is amazing!!), plus tickets to see Santana in concert on May 27th. Only try winning if you are available to travel May 25th to 28th.

LG104.3 – Larry’s Mix Tape. There will be 3 songs on Larry’s Mix Tape. They will be distorted, so this won’t be as easy as it sounds! Caller 4 (or whoever they choose as caller 4, as the rules say “if chosen as a contestant”) gets 30 seconds to name the song title AND the artist. I don’t know if they have to be named IN ORDER, but hopefully they’ll clear that up before it starts. The jackpot starts at $200 and increases by $200 with each incorrect guess. There will be a list of incorrect guesses on their website, so check there before you play. Play at 8, 11, and 4 each weekday. This is going to be FUN! I love all these old tunes!

JRFM – Kitchen Catastrophe. Enter up to 6 pics of your crappy kitchen on their site. Each day one kitchen will be deemed in need of a Bosch Tassimo single serve coffee maker. On the 16th, they will choose one kitchen as the grand prize winner – $3500 in appliances, $1000 in tiles, and $10,000 in cabinets and countertops! WOW!! It’s unclear if the grand prize winner will be one of those that won a Tassimo. There are already 3 entries up, so get yours in this weekend!

Jack – Lion King. Make a video of you (and hey, why be embarrassed alone? Get your family and friends in on this!) singing one of the songs from the Lion King. Make it entertaining, use props, overact. Winners will get a Lion King prize pack, and the Grand Poobah gets 4 tickets to opening night at the Queen E. Get your video in before midnight on the 8th. So far there are no submissions up on the site – I can’t wait to see YOURS! ;D

Z95.3 – Z-FX. Were you listening on Friday? They played every freaking hour! I got NOTHING done that day! The first one was guessed immediately, but this second one is a lot harder. The jackpot is already up to $2500! GAH!! Spend the weekend trying to figure out what it is, then be caller 9 at 8am. Good luck!!! Man, I love this game. And I love that we can listen to the sound over and over on the website, and they are keeping track of the guesses for you. THANK YOU ZED!!! (I also keep a list on my site, which shows WHO guessed WHAT and WHEN, in case you are an info hog like me.)

CFOX – Mariachi Madness. They still have a few trips to Mexico to give away. Listen for the cue to call at 8, 11, 2, and 5. (ish)

Peak – Mitsubishi. They are still giving away keys for the Mitsubishi key party (which has a WHOLE different meaning from the Key Parties of the 70’s!) but there are no official rules listed so I don’t know when the contest ends. The Key Party is on the 28th, so probably they will give out keys right up till then. Get your Dirty Car Words in each day before midnight and maybe they’ll say YOUR name at 9:30 the next day! I post the words each night on Facebook and Twitter, in case you missed some. They’ve sometimes carried these contests through the weekends too, but I think it’s just happening weekdays this time.

Beat – Barbados. There are 11 more trips to be won. Qualify each day 10 past each hour, 8am to 7pm. This contest is insane, and the prize is ridiculous!!! My husband keeps saying how this is the “best radio contest”. I may have to agree with him…

QMFM – Beat the Bank. Play at 7:05, 8:05, and 4:05 each weekday. There’s nothing to say about this besides YESSSSSSS!!!

TSN – Bob Seger. Listen to BMac & Taylor (2-6pm) to win tickets. The 30 day rule applies – you can’t have won anything from THIS STATION in the past 30 days.

KISS – I have no idea. Let me know if you hear anything…

Breakfast Television – Disney World. Get your selfie in ASAP for this amazing prize!!! Read more about it in Friday’s post HERE.

Now, I’ve got to get busy! I’ve got a Z-FX to figure out, a video to make, and a selfie to take. 😀