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1 of 20

Posted on Mar 30, 2015

There aren’t many occasions in life where being 1 of 20 is a good thing. Like if you’re 1 of 20 people waiting in the Emergency Room, not good. If you’re 1 of the 20 people in a restaurant, not good, especially if you’re hungry. 1 of 20 in line for a washroom? No. 

But there are SOME times when being 1 of 20 is GREAT! Like if you were 1 of 20 people running from a mad dog, your chances of escaping unbitten are pretty good (and even better if you trip someone on the way by). 1 of 20 people with a key for a truck? Pretty good. 1 of 20 in a draw for a trip? Not bad at all. And today. TODAY! If you are one of the lucky 20 who get to guess the ZFX, that would be the BEST 1 of 20 that I can imagine!

At 2pm today, we may finally get some relief from ZFXitis. It has been plaguing British Columbians all month, and now it’s time for the antidote! While full relief may not be gained by being one of the 20 and getting it wrong, I predict a great lessening of the symptoms. In fact, a possible numbing effect may occur, whereby you no longer notice or care about the effects of this virus. The symptoms are worsened by the mistaken belief that you actually DO know the answer!

So get on your power suit – you know, the clothes that make you feel good, that make you feel powerful and invincible. It could be a t-shirt, a flattering suit, your favourite jeans, your lucky underwear. Whatever it is, go put it on. Don’t drink any more coffee today. Have a light lunch so those heavy carbs don’t fog up your brain and try to put you to sleep. A salad with some chicken or fish may be helpful. Get your Fongo ready to dial online. Get 604-280-0953 predialled so you only have to hit the REDIAL button. Have your cell phone unlocked and ready to speed dial. This is the Stanley Cup Finals of the ZFX!!!

If you are reading this post and you get through and you haven’t read the list of previous guesses and you say something that has already been guessed, I reserve the right to flog you. I’m sorry, but there’s just NO excuse for a repeat guess at this stage! NONE! 

Should NO ONE guess correctly, the jackpot at 5pm will be $25,000. It boggles my mind. The chances of that are slim though – surely someone will guess it in the 2pm hour. Right??? If not, I am holding a meeting of the ZFXitis support group. There will be snacks. There may be beer. At least on MY end. If you want in, e-mail or DM me for details. It will be a last resort, in case of emergency only, pushing of the panic button.