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Coming Up Mar 16-20

Posted on Mar 14, 2015

I like to start off my posts with a personal touch. Today is the story of Thursday night. I got a text from a friend about some good news. I needed details so I made plans to go see her that evening. As I was about to leave, I went pee – because even though it’s not a far drive, I don’t want to waste any of my precious catch-up time with her by going to the bathroom! While I was washing my hands I noticed that one of the kids had left an empty toilet paper roll on the counter. The little horns on my head started budding, my eyes started to squint, my shoulders hunched. I may have even stifled a low, growling, evil laugh. I grabbed that toilet paper roll eagerly and ran it under the tap, rubbing it, kneading it, tearing it. At one point my husband knocked on the door as he was passing by and I squealed “WHAT?!” in panic, thinking he was going to open the door! Nope, he was just being an asshat, thought he’d bother me because I get SO MUCH alone time. (eye roll) (I have to type “eye roll” because I don’t know how to put emojis into my posts. LOL!) I turned off the tap, squeezed my two treasures in my fists to make oblongs, then planted them on a white tile in the kitchen and sprinkled a little water around them from my wet hands. I immediately walked out of the house, and promptly forgot all about it! As I was driving, I got repeated texts – I heard my phone dinging in quick succession. When I got to my friend’s (about 10 minutes later), I read the texts. There were lots of HAHAHA VERY FUNNY and it appears that our daughter has learned how to text poop emojis on her Dad’s phone! I had a good belly laugh, and looked forward to their promised revenge!

By the time I got home a few hours later, I’d again forgotten about it. Shortly after walking in the door, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. My toothbrush wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and my husband and daughter were standing in the bathroom doorway watching me. Which, oddly, didn’t even strike me as odd, since they often follow me around the house (SO annoying!) As I pulled my toothbrush out, a flurry of white crystals showered onto the bathroom counter. Those sneaks had put SALT on my toothbrush! I had avoided a mouthful of (delicious) salt – which, when mixed with toothpaste, may not have been quite so delicious. Hahaha, we all laughed. After that, I was on alert. They followed me into my office and watched me intently, and daughter asked “aren’t you going to sit down?” Eight year olds are not great at being sneaky. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but something made me look at my chair. They had put double-sided tape on my chair! It was invisible except when the light glinted off it, and I just happened to catch a glimpse as I was turning. Hahahaha, we all laughed. 

The next morning, my daughter asked me if I’d noticed anything in my bed. No. Well, maybe. I woke up at one point and thought I might be laying on one of the pee-pee pads we use for the kids, but when I felt under me, there was only the sheet. Huh. I rolled over and went back to sleep. In the morning she showed me the bubble wrap that they had put under the sheet, thinking that it would pop as I rolled around in my sleep. Hahahahaha! That would’ve been hilarious! Alas, the mattress was too soft.

Three attempts at revenge, zero revenge. Heh heh. So when daughter and I got home from a movie last night (Cinderella, great for kids, notsomuch for adults), I was completely caught off guard when I unwittingly got my ass glued to the toilet seat! What the… ?! It wasn’t glue, it was that invisible double-sided tape! ARGH!! As soon as we had gotten home, she had set it up while I took off my jacket, checked my email, etc. She got me. She got me goooood!!! I’ve created a monster…

Anyway, here’s what will be happening next week:

There will be two fun and special ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year – kudos to Rogers (and Phil) for coming up with these!

1) Kiss Andrew for good luck! On Tuesday, Andrew will be puckering up at the corner of West Georgia and Granville between 7am and 8:30am. If you go give him a kiss, you get a number. The next morning at 8:20, the KCS will pick a number and that person wins $1000. Nice! Especially if you work or live downtown – it’s not out of your way at all. I wonder how many, if any, guys will go? Here’s a suggestion – guys (or women who don’t want to kiss strangers), show up with a Hershey’s Kiss and offer it to Andrew. Maybe that’ll be enough to get you a number?

2) Find Bono! Kiah and Tara Jean at Jack will be giving out limerick clues at 6am, 7am, and 8am to where you can find Bono. Guess where he is, win the tickets! No, you don’t actually  have to GO to the spot, you just have to guess where that spot is, and then get through on the phone lines. Easy, fun, and you don’t have to get out of your pjs!

Next week will have some of the same things as this past week:

Rock 101 – trips to Vegas with Smooth

CFOX – one more Mexico trip to qualify for

QMFM – Beat the Bank (I’m trying, I’m TRYING!!!)

LG – Larry’s Mix Tape (I love this game!)

Zed – ZFX (LOVE this game, hating this clue!)

The new things coming up are:

JRFM – Shake it Off for Taylor Swift! Dang, I need to get my video in for this!! Have you watched some of the entries on the site? So cute! Starting Monday, they will say a name at 8:10 and 12:10 – if you entered a video, BE LISTENING!!! You get 9 minutes and 37 seconds to call them back! If you can’t listen, let me know and I’ll listen for you. I’m going to be listening anyway! I want TS tickets!!! Of all the people kids look up to these days, she’s one that I hope my kids admire. Her and Meghan Trainor. And Pink. LOL!

Jack – Have a seat! No, literally! You could win your way into a game of musical chairs (chair provided) at Key West Ford in New Westminster. I love that this is a text-in contest!!! At 8:20, 12:20, and 4:20, the 96th person to text in “truck” to 969007 wins their seat. If after 10 minutes there have been less than 96 texts, the last person to text will win. I suppose it might be prudent to set a timer as soon as they give the cue to call, then text just before it runs out. I’m not sure how we can figure out at what rate the texts come in, as it’s unlikely the hosts will give us updates (like after 5 minutes they won’t say “we’re at 57 texts! Keep ’em comin’!” though that would be SUPER helpful to us! LOL!) 

There are 3 ways to win your seat:

1) the text-in part – 74 people will win their way in this way

2) use your Jackaholics points to enter a raffle – 12 people will win via raffle

3) show up! If you are at Key West Ford between 10 and 10:59 on that day (Saturday, April 18th), go register with the Jack crew. At 11am, they will draw 10 names.

Now that you have your seat, then what?! Now 96 people have won a spot in seemingly the world’s largest game of Musical Chairs! Imagine the mayhem. Crazy. I am actually shocked that they are willing to give this a try. LOL! There are all sorts of rules and regulations to this game – no pushing, you have 3 seconds to sit, if you get aggressive you get thrown out, between 1 and 10 chairs removed per round, etc. The last TWO people standing will get a key. The person whose key starts the truck gets said truck (for two years)! Read more at the Jack FM site –  the more you know, the better! 

One thing to note: if you can’t make it on April 18th (because you work, or you won a trip to Barbados, or something), you can send someone in your place. But with that, there are also strict rules – they have to be 19, have to notify them in writing by 5pm April 16th, etc. 

Virgin – hmmmmm. Virgin is making it really hard for me to dislike them. LOL! This Thursday, and the two Thursdays after that, they are giving away $10,000. But you know what I love about this? They aren’t giving it all to the same person!!! When they did the $10,000 Thursdays before, it only guaranteed that people would listen for that half hour. Now, I will have Virgin on ALL DAY because I know if I change the station I will forget to change it back! That’s what happened with the Barbados contest – I would just leave it on Beat/Virgin the whole day so I wouldn’t have to think about it. Pretty clever actually, if you think about it… (and I do!)

So when you hear the cue to call at 7:10, 8:10, 9:10, 10:10, 11:10, 12:10, 1:10, 2:10, 3:10, and 4:10 next Thursday, be caller 25 and score yourself $1000 smackers. Set your reminders NOW! 😉

I can honestly say that I am really looking forward to next week. Not only do I have a lovely little getaway planned with the kids to a friend’s hideaway near Harrison for a few nights, I have high hopes of winning some cashola! 

No, not with ZFX – I have no frigging clue what that sound is…. BAH!