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March 30 – April 3rd

Posted on Mar 29, 2015

For some contests, this will be a short week. For others, it will be an extended week. Check the daily schedules for updates and to see which contests will play which days. For now, all of these will be playing Mon – Thurs unless otherwise noted.

New starting this week:

CFOX – Payroll starts on Monday and continues until May 15th. I will be missing a week of this contest April 13th-17th, but otherwise I should be able to listen for names. If there is a time you can’t listen, let me know and I’ll be your ears. Each weekday (not sure about holidays), a name will be called around 8, 11, 2, and 5. They have 9 minutes to call in. If you are streaming online there is a delay, but you will still have plenty of time to call them back. If you call in, you win $250. If the following name doesn’t call in, you win THEIR $250 too! If they DO call in, you are fired but you still get your $250. Log into your All Access account to register for this one.

JRFM – The Music Mash starts at 7am Monday morning. Five songs, one guess. The jackpot goes up each time there’s a wrong guess. There aren’t many details about this on their site – I logged in hoping for more, but there was only an “enter the contest” button. So I pressed it! Nothing happened. LOL! It’s a call-in contest, from what I understand, so no need to “enter” online. I have no idea what the contest period is, but I do remember them saying that it will be played on weekends too. YAAAY!! I LOVE that! Play daily at 7, 11, 2, 5, and 7.

Continuing from last week:

Peak – nominate someone for a cash reward and you could win too. If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time. If your name is called, you don’t automatically win, but you are entered into a draw to win. The odds are still pretty good if you’re in the draw, but the odds of having your entry read are not so stellar – 5 entries per weekday for 3 weeks = 75 entries total. How many people do you think entered? I’m guessing a shit-ton. 

LG – Larry’s Mix Tape plays at 8, 11, and 4. This game is so fun (and easy) – if you haven’t played yet, you should! Three warped clips from 3 different songs – name the song and the artist and you win the jackpot! Get it wrong and the jackpot goes up. It’s pretty hard to guess all 3 with the first play – I try to record the first round and then play it back a few times to figure out the songs. If I can’t record it, I scribble down any words or phrases I can pick out, then google them. The clues on the site help too. By round 2 I can usually have them figured out. I know I can’t win, but I just love the game. LOL!

Jack – text in the secret code word (it used to be just TRUCK but they changed the rules so you actually have to listen to know what to text, even though the offical rules still say “truck”) at 8, 11, and 4. The 96th texter to 969007 with the correct code word wins a seat at the Musical Chairs game on Saturday April 18th. For more detailed info about this one you can read the extended blurb on it HERE.

QMFM – Beat the Bank, or at least try to be caller 25, at 7:05, 8:05, 11:05, and 4:05 daily. Try weekdays until April 24th (or until they run out of the $90,000). I like that they added another chance to play – it used to be twice per day, then went to 3 times per day, and now it’s 4 times per day. It seems the jackpots are a bit smaller than before, but I guess they have to spread them out more.

ZFX – Cheese and crackers, would somebody just WIN already?! I love this game SO much, but I hate this game equally. I just want to be caller 9 once, just once. I don’t even care if I’m wrong! LOL!! Maybe I could be caller 10 on Double Play Monday (I’m hoping that’s still happening).

Virgin – They don’t require you to listen at any particular times on most days, but on Thursday you could win $1000 at ten minutes past each hour between 7:10 and 4:10. The rest of the week people tune in just because.

Rock 101 – listen for Santana’s Smooth each day. It could play at any time. Be caller 10 when it ENDS and you too will be heading to Vegas May 25-28th for a cool stay at Mandalay Bay and a hot night at the Santana concert on Wed the 27th.

Kiss – ?? If I hear of anything, I will let you know.

TSN 1040 – listen at 7:40 the day after each Canucks game. Guess the Highlight of the Game, win $1000!

I wrote a post about the last quarter’s radio ratings because I find these stats interesting. You can read it HERE if you are also interested in seeing how your favourite stations rate!