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Overview March 23-27

Posted on Mar 22, 2015

Here is a quick rundown of what’s happening this week:

Z95.3 – SHEESH! The jackpot is over $13,000 now. Monday will be Double Play day – two guesses at 8, 11, 2, and 5. I have an idea of what it is, but I’m not super confident in my guess. If YOU are, then I wish you the BEST of luck getting through!

LG 104.3 – play Larry’s Mix Tape at 8, 11, and 4. They are only giving TWO clues to the three songs now – I guess that last one wasn’t hard enough (!!!) Even when I knew what the songs were, I couldn’t hear them in the garbled mess of the mix tape. The first song of the current mix is unmistakable, but the other two are a mystery to me…

Jack FM – they are giving up those seats to their Musical Chairs game at 8, 12, and 4. Text “truck” to 969007 after the cue to call, and if you are the 96th texter, you are IN! 

Kiss – no idea what’s happening over there. Hope they are planning their next big thing!

Rock 101 – Another week of listening for Smooth if you want to get in on that trip to Vegas! I didn’t give a rat’s ass about this one before, but now that I’m going, I’m SO frigging excited!!! There are 3 main reasons for this:

1) I am going with a girlfriend because we couldn’t get a babysitter. Hubby has to stay home with the kids, and my girlfriend is SUPER chill – this will be the most relaxing vacation EVER!

2) we are going with a bunch of other Rock 101 listeners! Sure, I don’t know any of them NOW, but by the end of the trip, hopefully I will have made some new friends. It’s always more fun when you know people staying at the hotel – you can say hi in the hallways, at the pool, at the spa, at the bar, etc.

3) Santana – I saw him when he was here with Rod Stewart and he is the aural equivalent of a full body massage – relaxes, rejuvinates, tingles, tickles, teases, stimulates. His band is the eye candy…

CFOX – The last Mexico trip winner is announced on Monday, then Payroll starts the following week. The payroll starts at $250 – well worth calling in for! Go enter on the CFOX site. You only get 9 minutes to call back, so if I don’t have your info already, either get it to me or BE LISTENING! 😀

QMFM – Beat the Bank at 7:05, 8:05, 11:05 and 4:05. I’ve only gotten through once this year, and I was caller 17 or 19 or something. But I still try EVERY time! *sigh* They will also have Fleetwood Mac tickets with Olivia’s show – we are going to this concert and hubby is stoked! I saw them the time when she said “good night TORONTO!” LOL! It will be a great show.

Virgin – Mo’ Money Thursday will happen on (you guessed it!) Thursday. Meanwhile, Denai will have $100 gift cards for Guilford Town Centre during her show.

JRFM – laying low for now, but I look forward to a fun announcement soon. Wouldn’t it be SO FUN if they brought back Moolah the Cash Cow?? She was a hoot! But more likely they are taking a wee break – it’s hard to beat the Red Solo Cup game in the FUN department!

Peak – have you nominated anyone yet? They start calling names this week. The rules and regs on the site say they start calling names on Tuesday the 24th, but I think they made a mistake. They should start calling names at 7am on Monday. I will be listening just in case. The rules and regs also say that they will be calling names on April 13th, which I think is also a mistake – they will be announcing a winner that day, but not calling names. I also have a question about this People’s Choice Award business – if you qualified but did NOT win, you are entered into that week’s voting which opens on Friday at 7pm. Okay, great! But if your entry was read on Friday, the winner is not announced until the following Monday. You don’t know if you won or lost yet. So only the people whose entries were read (and didn’t win) on Mon – Thurs actually qualify for the first People’s Choice Award, which means that in the first week there are only a potential 16 people in the voting stage. The people whose entries were read on Friday will qualify for the following week’s People’s Choice Award, which will have up to 20 people vying for it. Then on the LAST Friday of the contest, those people who had their entries read but did not win, don’t get to take part in the People’s Choice Award at all, because they can’t know if they won or not until Monday! BAH! I’m not liking this part of the contest at ALL! They need to tweak it so it’s fair… I just don’t know how they’d do that…

That’s it for now. If I hear anything else, I’ll add it.