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Radio  ratings

Posted on Mar 28, 2015

I thought I’d share this with you because I found it fascinating!! According to this year’s radio ratings (HERE is the link), which came out mid-March, these are how our stations rate:

1) QMFM, with a 12.4% share = +1.2 

2) Rock 101, with 7.3% share = +.6

3) Virgin, with 6.3% share = -.9

4) Z95.3, with 5.8% share = +.7

5) CFOX, with 5.5% share = +1.3

6) JRFM, with 5.2% share = -1.9

7) Jack, with  4.2% share = -1.7

8) Kiss, with 3.7% share = no change

9) Peak, with 3.4% share = -.4

10) LG, with 2.8% share = +.1

11) TSN, with 2.6% share = +.3

Not included in MY list, but are on the original, are talk radio stations and AM stations. I don’t know where these numbers come from, how they are calculated, or who does the rating. I’m also not interested in knowing the science or details behind it. I can only assume these are not randomly-generated numbers spewn out by a “bored op”. So assuming they are not complete BS, the numbers are very telling, don’t you think??

It’s understandable that QM is the most popular – its easy listening format is popular for retail stores and offices. It encourages calm and gentile shopping, perhaps taming the beast in the cubicle.

Rock 101 comes in a distant second, but still a shockingly strong finish. I don’t know what changed in that last quarter, but whatever they did is working.

Virgin is certainly “Vancouver’s #1 Hit Music Station”, and they don’t let you forget it! But it appears that they’ve dropped a few points. I wonder what the numbers would have been without those Barbados trips?!

Z95.3 has seen an increase – no doubt, with everyone tuning in to hear who guesses that blasted ZFX!!! It’s hot on the heels of Virgin too- definitely “Vancouver’s Best Mix”.

CFOX doesn’t have much competition – it’s the only hard rock station around if you’re listening via radio and not an app. It seems to have gained some points – maybe that “would you rather” faux pas did them more good than harm?

JRFM dropped? WTH?! It’s the only country station (that I know of), and country folk are a loyal bunch. I can’t speak for others, but personally I only tune in for the Waking Crew. And maybe Jaxon. The other hosts make me turn the station (I’m sorry, it’s only my own opinion and taste, and I’m sure they’re lovely people outside of work). They made a great effort to make community connections, but it seems people were pulled in other directions.

Jack dropped 1.7 points! Yikes! That explains the push for people to connect with them! Call us, text us, send us your questions, comments, etc. I love Jack in so many ways, I hope they stick around.

Kiss has the lowest ratings of the stations that play that genre – I suppose their biggest competition is Virgin, with Z95.3 a secondary competitor. I must admit, I have completely dropped this station off my radar. I used to occasionally tune in to the Kid Carson Show, but I’ve lost interest. Their elitist attitudes scream insecurity and it’s a turn-off. “We only want TRUE listeners to call in and play our games!” “No prize pigs please.” “If we’re not your number 1 station, you suck!” Huh. Well, I guess I’m not good enough for them, so I’ll just move along. I am a fan of The Ara Show though, so I tune in for him sometimes.

Peak has also recently made 2006-type efforts to connect – we can now text them! Though this technology is shared with JRFM – they have the same text number so you have to state WHO your text is aimed at. It’s almost unbelievable that their numbers have dropped even though Shore is no more. I’ve heard that some of Shore’s listeners went to CFOX instead of Peak – this explains a LOT! I don’t know if the Sonia/Kevin mix has anything to do with it. Again, only speaking for myself (and a few others I have heard from), Sonia isn’t my flavour…

LG is up +.1 point! WOOT! Go little station, GO! I tune in to this station quite often, especially on weekends. I don’t think weekends count in the ratings though… do they?? 

TSN is up too, but I have no opinion on that. Even if I did, they wouldn’t care. Funny how they think they are the only experts on sports – my dear friend Deanna could kick every one of their sexist asses all around that studio with sports talk. Just like Jody Vance, she’d have them trembling in their soiled shorts and shrunken testicles. But she doesn’t suffer fools, so she would never call in to that station. LOL!

I look forward to seeing how these ratings change over the next year, and seeing which hosts hold their positions.