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Willy For Lunch

Posted on Mar 25, 2015

I was going to call this post “I LOVE WILLY!!!” but I thought that might be misinterpreted, so….


Here’s what happened:

A friend of mine entered on Rock 101’s site for the Willy’s Bunch for Lunch contest. This is something Rock 101 puts on every month – lunch for 12 listeners hosted by the Willy in the Morning crew out at the River Rock Casino. I was surprised that this friend won – I never expect people to win when they enter online. When she told me she had won, I was pleased for her – I never imagined she’d invite ME to go! I even told her “don’t invite me, you don’t want your name associated with MINE! You’ll probably be blacklisted!!!”

As it turned out, she invited me at the last minute – maybe her other friends jammed on her – so I waffled a bit before saying yes. I knew that the promotions team would be there, and that meant I would finally be face to face with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Sigh… it had to happen sooner or later, may as well get it out of the way… As you know, I’ve only ever won 3 things from Rock 101, so I’ve never had any reason to meet the bigwigs.

I held my breath as I walked up. He recognized me (must be stalking my Facebook – I had no idea who he was!) We met. We shook hands. Group pictures. Yadda yadda. And then he left! It wasn’t terribly awkward, and even if it had been, it would’ve been TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Meeting the Willy in the Morning crew and the Rock 101 people was the highlight of the year so far!

Unfortunately Alece wasn’t able to be there, but I was absolutely delighted to meet the charming and beautiful Kim Seale. We walked and talked, we took selfies, we broke bread together (actually it was soup, delicious mushroom soup). We even played blackjack together – first SHE wore the chicken hat, then I got to wear it (because I was the biggest loser at the table!) 

Willy regaled us with stories of how he answers the contest calls – caller 10 is caller 10, he’s fair about it and that’s why he does it on air! He admitted that for some Djs caller 10 wasn’t always caller 10, but for HIM, it is. I appreciated his honesty and deeply respect his humanness – he knows what it takes to call in, he knows what it’s like to be the caller, and he knows how much we appreciate having him acknowledge our reaching out. This was touching and it made me love him even more (not sure that’s even possible, as I’ve always had a heart-on for Willy!)

It was an intimate lunch, though Willy doesn’t eat because soon after eating he falls asleep, so he forgoes the buffet to stay sharp for the blackjack game afterwards. And probably for the drive home too. The food was incredible, and we even got River Rock swag – a coffee to-go mug, deck of cards, betting-chip key chain, a nice pen, and a shiny beaded necklace that my 4 year old son LOVES! (I should have followed Willy’s lead on this one though – eating that rich food gave me the squirts! I’m still paying for it, puckering as I type!)

That was the first time that I have ever played blackjack. Yes, I’ve been to Vegas 4 times, but I don’t gamble! I see shows, I lay by the pool, I explore, I watch people. I’m too poor to gamble! So of course I lost. But I didn’t care at all – it was all for fun! And even though I was the biggest loser at the table, I was still a winner – the River Rock gave us a wok and a $20 betting credit. I feel like the biggest winner there because I got pictures with Kim and Willy, and Willy even gave me a thanks-for-coming squeeze! He was so kind and friendly, a Manitoban at heart, a man his father Don is undoubtedly proud of. I’m also from Manitoba. There’s just something in the water over there…

If you don’t already belong to the Rock 101 Club, go sign up. Then go enter this contest – if there’s only one thing you ever win from Rock 101, THIS should be it! It was even better than Vegas… and you KNOW how much I love Vegas!!!