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ZFX Thresholds

Posted on Mar 31, 2015

My husband was not at all interested in the ZFX game until it hit a certain jackpot. I can’t remember what that was, something like the $6000 mark. That was his Minimum ZFX Threshold.

I, on the other hand, had no MinZT. I was interested from the beginning. As the jackpot rose, I went through all the stages:

excitement – oooh, this is fun!

insecurity – I have a guess, but it’s probably wrong.

confusion – someone said my guess! Now what?

panic – I don’t have a guess! What if I get through?! I need a guess!!!

frustration – I can’t get through but I have a good guess!

denial – no one has the same guess as me. NO ONE!

anger – that was already guessed!! Read the guesses before you call! AUGH!!!

disbelief – I can’t believe they’re not giving us another hint!

hurt – WHY won’t they just HELP us?!

depression – I’ve tried everything. I’m never going to be caller 9.

hopelessness – nobody is EVER going to guess it. We’ll NEVER know.

And now, I believe I’m in the final stages of ZFXitis: surrender. This is the point where I’ve reached the Maximum ZFX Threshold. I can’t take it anymore. It has broken me.

The jackpot is too high, I would never win that much money.

The lines are too busy, I would never get through anyway.

My ideas were already guessed, I can’t possibly come up with another good guess.

What happens when you reach your MaxZT? It goes something like this:

I gave up.

My shoulders slumped as I closed the ZFX page and vowed never to listen to that sound again. I resigned myself to the fact that they will not be giving us any more hints, clues, or videos. I admitted defeat. And now I must mourn the loss of the potential jackpot. 

Way, deep inside there still burns the tiniest, dim light of hope – maybe they WILL open it up and let people text or enter online – if we all logged into our accounts and got ONE guess, everyone with the right guess could be put into a draw and the winner’s name is drawn from a pool of correct guessers. Maybe there would only be 1 or 2 or 3 people who had the right answer – how nice for them that they would be in the running for all that money! This would absolutely revive my drive – I would be searching my whole world for that sound again!

Alas, I have to lay down my sword, cue the curtain, let TAPS play, for the ZFXitis has finally killed my spirit.