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Open Letter to ZFX Players

Posted on Apr 8, 2015

Yes, I know. You KNOW what that sound is. You have known since the first week. You roll your eyes every time someone guesses wrong. You scoff every time someone repeats a guess. And inside you breathe a little sigh of relief that they did, because that jackpot is YOURS!! And you certainly deserve it for being so clever and special!

Alas, you cannot seem to get through on the phone lines. Is this some sort of conspiracy? Are they just locking you out because they don’t want you to win? Why the hell doesn’t everyone just STOP CALLING so you can get through and WIN that money that you so deserve!?!

I don’t think you know it. I think you THINK you know it, but you don’t know it. You are just as delusional and in the dark as the rest of us with ZFXitis. We all have that one guess that we are sure is unique, and it meets with ALL of the criteria. Which, by the way is merely this: it is a common sound that EVERYONE has heard.

Huh. What sound has everyone heard before? Everyone brushes their teeth and opens presents. Most people make coffee and have at one time used hand sanitizer. But your guess? Your guess is special. It is a common sound and no one else has any clue! You are the only one who has this answer. All you need to do is be caller 9.

So be caller nine! Put the rest of us out of our misery and prove how truly smart you really are. I dare you. Oh, but you can’t, can you? Because you’re stuck at work or have a crappy Shaw landline. Or your Telus cell phone rings 6 times and disconnects. Psst, just so you know – it never actually connected. Those 6 rings before the line goes dead are just a teaser. And they work, because you keep calling back thinking you got through but Z95.3 cut you off! They didn’t. You didn’t.

And you don’t know it.

None of us do.

No one will every know it.

And if you really truly honestly think you have the right answer, then TELL US so those of us who can actually get through can let the whole province know!