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DJs and formats

Posted on May 10, 2015

Okay, okay. I know DJs are now supposed to be called HOSTS, but today I’m just going to refer to them as DJs. “Host” always reminds me of a restaurant seater – still a service but requiring much less knowledge!

When Kenny left Jack last week, I was surprised to learn that he was going to a country station. Not because I didn’t think he liked country music, but just because it was such a drastic change. Meredith went from Jack to CFOX which is kind of just going from rock to harder rock. It was a seemless transition. But if Kenny wasn’t a fan of country music before now, he’s about to become one (or become really good at faking it!!!)

What if (God forbid) Clay and Karen got fired. After 20 years in country, would they be suited to a classic rock or soft rock station? Obviously they listen to other kinds of music, and are as familiar with ACDC or Cat Stevens as the rest of us. Would it be hard for them to switch gears and talk about Rod Stewart or NKOTB instead of Chad Brownlee or Eric Church? I’m not sure.

Let’s imagine that Kid got let go from Kiss. If he got offered a job at an oldies station, would he take it? Could he pull it off?? He might, but it could be tough. I could picture him at a country station, but not at a soft rock one. So, let’s say he goes to a country station. Would he expect his loyal listeners to follow? That would be a bit much to ask, don’t you think? Sure, his fans love to hear him talk, but ultimately what keeps them tuning in is the music between the chatter. If they didn’t like it, they would change the station and only tune in occasionally. Or maybe they would learn to love country music! Aaaahahahaha! Not likely.

So now that the former dance-music-DJ is selling cowboy boots and twang, will he have a contest to entice former listeners to switch? If so, is the contest for HIS fans or are they for COUNTRY fans? What if they are not one in the same?! Will he want to give the prize to fans of the music who would be listening anyway because that is their favourite station in hopes that they become HIS fans? And then what happens to the OLD fans?! Are they now persona non grata because their favourite station is the one he just left??

AUGH!! I’m just trying to make sense of the whole “dedicated fan” thing. Are you a fan of the DJ, or are you a fan of the music? I just don’t know!

For ME, the music makes all the difference. I love country, but would I tune in as much if Clay and Karen weren’t there? Probably not. When Breakfast With Nat and Drew moved to QMFM, as much as I wanted to follow them, I couldn’t! At least, not full time. I really, really like them, but the music makes me change the station. I tune in occasionally, but not as often as when they were at (then) Virgin…

When Kiah and Tara Jean left Virgin for Jack, I followed – I like Jack’s music! Had they gone to Beat, I probably wouldn’t have followed. But I love them so much!!! I would’ve missed them. Even if my dear Matt B went to Kiss or Virgin, I’m not sure I could follow…

How do YOU feel? Do you follow the music or the DJ??