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Weekend Post

Posted on May 16, 2015

This weekend there are actually some things to win! WOOT!!!

But first, let me just say how utterly gutted I was when I found out Z95.3 had extended the $10,000 song contest. Gutted, I was!! I had listened to the station ALL DAY because the contest was supposed to end today. I started to get nervous about being away from home at about noon, so I left my family at daughter’s Sports Day and came home to be near the landline. Yes, that is how badly I could use $10K… 

At about 4:30, a wonderful, thoughtful, CLEVER person checked the Zed site on a hunch and discovered that they had changed the Contest Period. Another friend told me that they had double checked the rules after Wednesday’s win because they heard it had been “reloaded”, and the site said it ended today at 6pm. TODAY. Not May 29th, as it now says! So at some point between Wednesday at 3pm and today at 4pm, they had changed the ending date for this contest. 

I am not the only one who rearranged their schedule, put off running errands, skipped appointments, left work early, skipped lunch with friends, and rushed home in case the song played. I KNOW I’m not the only one!! And I feel your pain, believe me. I was really pissed when I found out, but mostly at myself for having let that stupid contest run my life. If that contest was for $2000 or even $5000, I wouldn’t have bothered. But $10K would really change my life (at least for this summer)! 

They are of course under no obligation to advise us when such changes happen. But it doesn’t make the sting of disappointment any less…

So while we wait for that blasted song yet again, let’s play THESE this weekend:

LG will play Do Ya Think I’m Sexy between 1 and 1:30 on Saturday only, then not again until Tuesday. Be caller 4 when you hear it and you will be on the standby list for that trip to Vegas to see Rod The Bod! *take me with you*

Virgin will have Playland passes every hour between 12 and 10pm both Saturday and Sunday, I’m not sure about Monday. Probably not, as it looks like they will be doing the e-transfers on Monday.

CFOX will have 4 packs of Playland passes this weekend, but my guess is that they will do it once on Sat and once on Sunday.

JRFM will have the 1K A Day words, and Peak will have the iPad band names. I will post those on Twitter and FaceBook at the end of each day. If you need them e-mailed, just let me know.

Have a fun-filled weekend!