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June 27/28 Weekend Post

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

Welcome to the weekend! WOOT! Actually, now that school’s out, every day is a weekend for us. Which is GREAT if we want to go camping – we can always find a spot during the week – but it kind of takes the fun out of “looking forward to the weekend”… 

Last night I watched episode 2 of Alone and the guy I voted to win was the next guy to give up and go home. Afraid of wolves. Pfft. LOL!!! For the record, I wouldn’t have made it past the first night so kudos to him for going 2 nights…

This is a Winning Weekend on JRFM, so I will be trying my best to win those Cultus Lake Adventure Park passes! This is NOT the Water Park, this is the Adventure Park across the street – it has 40 rides and mini golf, plus you can rent bicycles and go touring around Cultus Lake. An all-day ride pass costs $20 or you can buy single tokens for $1.50 each (each ride costs 1-3 tokens). So the JRFM 4 pack of tickets is worth $80 plus 4 passes to the minigolf which is worth $20. Yup, that’s a $100 day at Cultus! I’m all over it!!! The first cue to call was at 8:20 and I got through right away but it rang out – I guess they just choose a random line as the winner. I’ll keep trying!

The Virgin site also lists a Winning Weekend, with Playland passes every hour between 12 and 10pm. It doesn’t list any dates or rules, so I’m not 100% it’s happening. Tune in to find out!

CFOX has a 4 pack of Playland passes for you this weekend, not sure how often that’ll happen.

Z95.3 posted a new contest this morning – go “find the bear” and enter to win an Alaskan cruise. The cruise dates are set – Aug 16-23 – so only enter if you are available to travel on those dates. As it turns out, I will just be returning from a trip to Calgary so if I won this I would just leave my kids in Calgary with Gramm and HIT THE DECK! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I’ve never been on a cruise but I would LOVE to give it a go! Want to get into the draw too? Go enter HERE.

That’s all I’ve got for now. We are off to Maple Grove pool today, and tomorrow is Greek Days on Broadway – WOOT! And if I get those brakes fixed on Monday thanks to nTrust (if you missed that post, it’s HERE), we’ll be heading out to Cultus Lake on Tuesday. Want to come camping with us? 😀