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Love wins!

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

Did you hear what The Peak is doing?! I’m SO on board with this!!!

Last night when Peak tweeted that they would be making radio history and would make the announcement this morning, I wondered what could be so ground-breaking? I thought to myself “maybe they’ll do a wedding on-air. Nah, that’s been done for SURE. What else could it be?” Why didn’t THIS idea cross my mind?!

Remember when Z95.3 had that Doomed Groom contest where the Mother-in-Law-to-be and the groom-to-be were handcuffed together for a week? I wrote a post saying that it was a pretty exclusive contest – not only did you have to be engaged, you had to have a mother, you had to be able to take a week off work, etc. Well, The Peak has one-upped the exclusiveness of the contest – you not only have to be engaged, you have to be available for a wedding on August 1st, you have to be okay with inviting strangers to your ceremony, you have to have the wedding when and where they say, AND YOU HAVE TO BE GAY!!!!!!

If you or someone you know is gay and wanting to get married but can’t afford it or are a crappy planner, THIS is the perfect contest. Head to Peak’s page (HERE) and enter to win this amazing prize which includes the rings, catering, photographer, and everything else you need for your special day, all in a magical location (which they haven’t revealed yet but it’s sure to be spectacular!) On top of that, you also get a honeymoon! WHAAAAAAAAT?! Holy crap, this is so awesome…

The entry requires a 1 minute video (videos over 60 seconds will be disqualified!) that shows what sets you apart from other gay couples, and why you deserve this special wedding. Once they have waded through the usual “my partner is the best, we’re so in love, we’ve been through hell and need a break, etc.” videos, three finalists will be chosen (somehow randomly). Those three couples will be interviewed on-air over 3 days, then the listeners will get to vote for who wins. The winners will have their wedding broadcast to all and sundry on August 1st, and then they will ride on The Peak’s Pride Parade float the next day. 

I am not at all offended that I don’t qualify for this contest. Not at ALL! But what I DO want is an invite. I would love to show my kids that you can marry whomever you love (as long as it’s human, because if you marry an animal or an inanimate object, you are probably mentally unstable and have poor judgement and I think it’s illegal). So I am patiently waiting for the announcement of how we can win our invite – I hope the venue is HUGE so we can ALL go celebrate love!