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Money’s falling from the sky!

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

If someone told me that I could get money out of thin air, I would’ve laughed in their face. Until now. I’m in a state of shock right now, so please bear with me as I babble…

I entered The Peak’s contest where they were giving away $500 nTrust money transfers each day. It was super easy to sign up for the nTrust account – took me all of 5 minutes – and once I read more about it, I was happy to have it. I thought to myself that even if I don’t win the transfer, I’m still going to use this service if I ever come into money. It’s fast and convenient, and I love that there aren’t any fees! If I want to send money to a friend, I usually send them an e-transfer from my bank account. My bank charges me for this “privelege”, and also charges me for withdrawing my own frigging money! That baffles and infuriates me. I hate it. The nTrust account doesn’t charge me, so I’m doing all my transfers through them from now on!

I always enter these contests with hope in my heart but with the very realistic view that there’s a slim-to-none chance my name will be called. There are thousands of entries for these types of contests, so the odds of winning are very, very poor. Even with the entries substantially pared down because it requires signing up for an account (which is free, so why wouldn’t you?!), there are still probably hundreds of entries. So your odds of winning are maybe 1 in 100 if you’re lucky. Not great.

Each day I waited with bated breath, but it was never my name. Which I knew would be the case, but you still always have that faint hope until the name is said. It wasn’t me but I always tweeted the person’s name and hoped that they’d call back, imagining how happy they would be if they won $500. Man, that kind of money comes in really handy when you aren’t expecting it! 

Today was the last day for this contest, and just before they announced the name, Kevin and Sonia had an announcement: nTrust is giving everyone that signed up a gift of $10 in their account. Whaaaaaaat?! That’s crazy!! Even if only 100 people signed up, that’s $1000. And I’m fairly certain that the number of people who signed up is substantially higher than 100… Within 10 minutes of that announcement, I received a text saying that $10 had been deposited in my account. SWEET!!!

But I was too busy to go check my account – I was on the phone with Kevin and Sonia! They had called MY name for the nTrust $500 transfer! MY NAME!!! I was listening as usual, poised to type the name into Twitter, and almost fell off my chair when they said my name. I shouted “SHUT. UP!!!” at the radio. I picked up my landline and dialled immediately! My cell phone alerted me repeatedly – hubby, who always listens to The Peak, was calling; friends texted; nTrust pinged me with the $10 transfer. I blocked it all out as I listened to the Peak’s phone ringing and ringing. When Kevin answered, it was all I could do to not squeal at him! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Kevin and Sonia were just delightful – I’m always amazed to find DJ’s just as nice off-air as on-air. SOME of them are NOT, but these two ARE!

Five minutes after hanging up, the nTrust representative called. She had already emailed me the paperwork! I printed it off, signed it (simple skill testing question, signature, date is all it required!), and emailed her a picture of it. A PICTURE OF IT!!! How easy is THAT?!?! They deposited the money immediately. It took less than half an hour from the time Peak said my name to have $510 in my nTrust account. I feel like it’s all a dream and I’m going to be slapped awake at any moment…

Now I’m going to read all this user-friendly info (HERE) about my cool new account and start paying some bills! First order of business: Visa payment so I can get the brakes on my van fixed. I was going to take the kids to Cultus Lake on Monday so we could escape the heatwave, but I found out yesterday that my van’s brakes are shot so I can’t take it on the highway. I was SO bummed out! But now I can get them done and head out to the cool waters on Monday – what a relief!!!

This hot summer just got a whole lot cooler… now excuse me while I go download the nTrust app on my phone!

THANKS nTrust!!!!!!!!!

And Peak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***UPDATE*** I spent the day with 5 kids at Chaldecott water park. I only had my phone with me and I was extremely distracted, but I tried to pay my Visa with the app. I couldn’t figure it out AT ALL, so I emailed the nTrust folks and they replied immediately. When’s the last time your bank did that for you?! Uh, never. It turns out that at this point you can send money with the app but you can’t pay bills with it yet – the bills have to be paid through the full site. So when I got home I paid down hubby’s Visa – it was ridiculously easy and painless. I am beyond thrilled! And if you want to start your own nTrust account, check them out HERE. It’s worth it! Plus if you use my referral code (Ann274) we will BOTH earn $10 free – nice!!! They did NOT give me a special referral code for writing this post – everyone gets one. And they didn’t ask me to write this post either – I did it all on my own because I was inspired! As you know, when something moves me, I write about it! LOL!