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Rock 1 OH! 1

Posted on Jun 2, 2015

I’ve always maintained that Corus has some of the BEST contests in the nation. You’ve heard me say that, right?! Well, now they’re doing it again. No matter how I may feel about their promotions team and some of the DJs, there is no denying their strive to be at the top! 

Starting Monday June 8th, listen for the cue to call at 8, 11, 2 and 5. If you are caller 10, you get on the stand-by list. The following Monday they will draw a name and the winner gets a family trip to the happiest place on earth – Disneyland!!! 

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know that Disneyland is the ONE place I’ve been dying to take my kids. My kids are the perfect age to enjoy and get caught up in the magic there. My son would be agog over beautiful princesses and fairies, and my daughter would be thrilled with the rides. Oh sure, as they grow they could still appreciate it all, but I have a feeling that this is the last year my little one will ooh and aah over princesses. We could never afford to go there on our own, so whenever there’s a Disneyland trip contest I make sure to enter. You will also remember that when I won that Vegas trip on Rock 101 a few months ago, I promised to hang up my Rock 101 Contests hat and not call in again. But DAMMIT, look what they did!!! They dangled the ONE THING that I want to win in this world right infront of my face! How is THAT fair?!?!

Things you may want to know: 

1) if you qualify (are caller 10), you instantly win a 4 pack of passes to Playland for this season. This will mean that you are ineligible to win again on Rock 101 for 30 days. If you are not the winner of the trip on the following Monday, you can qualify again (I believe) but you (or anyone in your household) will not win another 4 pack of passes to Playland. 

2) the official rules and regulations for this contest state that if you have won anything from Rock 101 in the past 30 days, you are not eligible for this contest. This seems unfair so perhaps I’m merely misunderstanding the paragraph (Section 3, paragraph 6). Usually you just have to wait 30 days and then you can win/qualify again – for example, if you won concert tickets TODAY, you could win/qualify 30 days from today. Since the contest runs for 9 weeks, your 30 days would be up within the first 4 weeks and you’d be able to play this new contest. If it’s true that you can’t have won anything from Rock 101 in the 30 days leading up to June 8th when the contest starts, that would mean those movie passes you won weren’t worth it! Hopefully we will get more clarification on this from the Rock 101 promotions team before next Monday.

3) the prize is actually a $3500 Flight Centre gift certificate that has to be used within 6 months. The Flight Centre is extremely accommodating and helpful, and will take care of all your needs when booking. If there is a compelling reason you need to use the gift certificate for a different type of trip – say your sick aunt in Greece just died and you need to go to her funeral – they would probably be able to swing that too. Personally, I would use the certificate for Disneyland because that’s the only way we’ll ever get there… 

4) with only 20 people in each draw – and only 16 on weeks with a stat holiday – the odds of winning are spectacular! 

They may not like us – we, who are loyal listeners and call in, engage, and play their contests – but we don’t care. Dr. Phil wisely once said “what others think of you is none of your business!” Then my sage husband said the other day “if you worked at an office and always walked in with a spring in your step and a smile on your face, greeted everyone hello, brought in coffees, and really enjoyed being there, you would not arrive with the same aplomb if you knew that your boss hated you, or thought you were a jerk or poor at your job.” It’s true – if I knew what all of you thought of me, I probably wouldn’t write this blog. Luckily, I neither know nor care to know! 😀