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This Quarter’s Radio Ratings

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Well, well, well… looky what we have here… the results of the ratings race have arrived! I love looking at these numbers, comparing them to last quarter, last year, the past years – it’s all just so fascinating!!! 

These numbers are from this site – I don’t know how they are derived, I only know that they MEAN something. 
Here’s how this quarter’s numbers compare to last quarter (I only included the stations that I refer to in my blog, this list doesn’t include the talk radio, etc.):

Last quarter:


2) Rock 101

3) Virgin

4) Z953



7) Jack

8) Kiss

9) Peak

10) LG

11) TSN

This quarter:

1) QMFM (but -1.0%)

2) Z95.3 (+1.7%!!!)

3) Rock 101 (+.1)

4) Virgin (+.5)

5) CFOX/JRFM/Jack tied for 5th place

6) Kiss

7) Peak (-.5)

8) LG (-.4)

9) TSN (-.2)

I would like to give a HUGE shout-out of CONGRATS to Z95.3 for that humongous jump in ratings which pushed them into the #1 spot for their format – and for that matter, MOST formats! I wonder if Virgin is still allowed to call themselves “Vancouver’s #1 Hit Music Station”?! 

I’m also impressed with Jack – they had a substantial jump and joined some heavy hitters in the #5 spot. All of that social media engagement is making a difference, me thinks! Nicely done.

Not surprisingly, Kiss had no change in their standings – I don’t see any effort put into gaining new listeners so I guess they’re happy with where they’re at. Mmmmkay.

The bottom 3 didn’t change, though each dropped a bit from last quarter. TSN has nothing to worry about, as they have little competition and are cushioned by the Bell Tower. LG has some work to do – I listened to it a lot this weekend and I really enjoy it! I doubt my neighbours would agree – I really should close the windows when I’m singing so loudly.

And The Peak? I was surprised that they dropped half a point, but I’m not especially worried about them – their only competition really is CFOX, and even that’s a bit of a stretch. We NEED the Peak – they are the only station that really pushes local and/or small bands (and by that I mean less well-known, not small in number or stature!)

The next big ratings race will happen in September, when all the stations bring out their big guns (which for us means all the FUN contests!) I am betting Z95.3 will be the one keeping us the most hopping this summer, but even they need a break sometime…