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Catch A Break!

Posted on Jul 19, 2015

Virgin Radio is giving you an opportunity to catch a break by inviting you to Catch It If You Can! Here’s the catch:

Enter to win a two year lease on a 2016 Acura ILX plus a year’s supply of gas ($1000 gas card, actually) simply by taking a picture of the car and uploading it on their site (HERE). The Virgin crew will be driving one around town and giving you an chance to take a pic with it. The Acura has a wrap on it, so you can’t miss it, plus there’s a map on the site showing where you will find it each day, from Richmond to Langley to the North Shore. You’ll find it (or ones just like it!) at the Acura dealerships, but also at farmers markets and special events around town.

What I like about this contest is that if you can’t get to any of those sites on those days (because you don’t have a car, and that’s why you’d need to get there!), you can enter by taking a picture of ANY Acura ILX in BC! Hell, it doesn’t even have to be in BC – if you are driving across the country and happen to see one in Moose Jaw, take a picture and upload it! But you have to be a BC resident to enter the contest, and the Acura can’t have any other logos or advertising on it (ie. no company names, pictures, etc, and please fuzz out the licence plate!)

You can have a second entry into the Catch It If You Can contest by tweeting your picture with the hashtag #Catchitifyoucan and mention @virginradiovan in the tweet, but don’t include anything rude or racy or un-pc (words OR pictures). You can enter via Twitter once per day but each one has to be a different picture (can be the same car though, I suppose!)

You can also enter once per day on the website, so if your neighbour owns one of these Acuras you could have some real fun with it! Maybe put a plant beside (or on top) of the car and snap one pic every day and we can watch it grow throughout the contest. Or We can watch your beard or moustache or armpit hair or whatever as it grows over 30 days. Or maybe your kitten? Maybe we’ll just watch the progression of dust accumulation on it, since we’re not allowed to wash our cars thanks to water restrictions. It would be cool to watch an artist do a dust-drawing on it over 30 days! Hah! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll think of something to make your pictures stand out. 

Bell Media is the sole contest sponsor but we should definitely give a shout-out to BC Acura Dealers Association (though the Virgin site calls it the BC Acura Retailers Association, so maybe they know something we don’t know) who will choose the exact car you will get – it won’t necessarily be the one with the wrap on it that the Virgin crew is driving around. The winner of the prize will be the only one allowed to drive it, so best not to enter if you planned on giving the car to your kid/brother/friend. 

The contest started at 5pm on Friday (no entries on the site yet!) and ends August 16th. If you or anyone in your house has won anything from Virgin 94.5 in the past 30 days, you can’t enter. The rules and regs (HERE) say: 

“A winner of a previous 94.5 Virgin Radio contest within the thrity (30) days preceding the start of this Contest (including persons designated by such winners to take ownership of prizes) and persons domiciled with a winner are also ineligible to enter.” 

So does this mean that even if your 30 days runs out during the contest period, you still can’t enter because you won a prize sometime between June 17th and July 17? That’s what it sounds like to me. If you get through and win one of those $75 gift cards at 7:10, 11:10, 1:10 or 3:10 each day, maybe you could ask them about that… (though it’s unlikely the DJs will know, as they are often left out of the loop on contest rules!)

This prize is worth $12,376.00. In the words of Jeff Probst on every episode of Survivor: worth playing for?