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I declare…

Posted on Jul 17, 2015

… a thumb war!! No, just kidding. But, I do declare that Vancouver has far too much time on it’s hands!

I just read an article about the City of Vancouver declaring August 3rd “Patio Day”. For some reason, this rubbed me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE a good “patio day”! There’s nothing I’d rather do some days than sit on a patio and people watch (and drink, of course!) But does a whole DAY need to be designated for it? Will some people NOT sit on a patio if there isn’t a day for it? 

I guess what it means is that establishments with a patio can use it as a marketing ploy – have specials on just that day, advertise for it, decorate for it, etc. That’s what I’d guess, but I’d be wrong! Establishments without patios are not to be left out! In typical Canadian fashion, everyone is allowed to join in the fun. Businesses can apply for a temporary licence to host people on the sidewalk OR the street (parking stalls in front of their business). The article I read said the business had to apply for the licence by June 22nd – I guess they found out about this potential money-grab before the rest of us! The licence is free for places that don’t serve alcohol, but costs $110 for those who serve liquor with food (restaurants?) or $330 for those who serve primarily liquor (pubs/tap houses/social houses?) 

The licence expires at 11pm, by which time the sun has set and the night becomes chilly,. mosquitos come out, and you can’t see if there’s a bug in your food – best to head inside or head home. However, the article doesn’t say what time the “day” starts – does it start at midnight and places can set up until 3pm (or whenever it is that places close these days)? Or does it start at 7am so the breakfast joints can offer up some alcohol with their omelette? 

Just so we’re clear – I’m NOT complaining!! I think it’s fabulous! It’s another FUN thing to do in the No-Fun City. It’ll get people out, it’ll get people socializing, it’ll get national and maybe international attention. Cool! But then I got to wondering what other kinds of “days” we have here. You know what I found? 

AC/DC Day – November 28th

Pope John Paul II Day – May 1st

Canada Snowboard Day – Feb 34th

Car Free Day – Aug 22nd

And the list goes on. Some “days” are national, some do good. Anti-Bullying Day comes to mind. Elder-Abuse-Awareness Day, etc. Even National Yoga Day is admirable. But “Patio Day” is specifically for Vancouver it seems. I suppose other cities/towns/villages could get in on it – and they should! Everyone should be encouraged to sit on a patio and really take in their surroundings – it’s a mental health break!

So who gets to “declare” these special days? Can anyone put one up to be designated special? Like for example, can I declare:

September 29th – Clean Your Closet Day

October 15th – Organize Your Halloween Costume Day

December 20th – Wrap Your Christmas Presents Day

January 15th – Give Up Your Resolutions Day

March 14th – Steak and BJ Day (shoot, sorry, that one’s already taken)

I want to name a day. I want to be given the power to “declare” some special day. Who do I talk to???