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Question for Keith Urban

Posted on Jul 6, 2015

Dear Keith,

I don’t know if you’ve heard – probably you haven’t – about the contest a local radio station is having that concerns you. In particular, it has to do with your upcoming concert at Sunfest on Vancouver Island on Saturday, August 1st. The contest (HERE) invites folks to send in a video of themselves singing “We Were Us”  for the chance to sing that song on stage with you at Sunfest. 

Now, presumably your people had to pass this by you and get your okay. You probably just shrugged and said “sure” in that non-chalant, casual way of yours. Was there ever a time when you thought to yourself “geez, I hope they get a girl to do it with me! It might be awkward to sing that song with a guy.” Did your PR people say that the contest would only be open to women? 

The contest just started last week and so far there is only one entrant (a girl) but that doesn’t mean anything – it takes them up to 3 days to okay each video, so I would expect many more entries by the end of the week. Will any of them be from men? Gosh, I sure hope so! Nowhere in the ad for the contest does it say you have to be female to enter, but it says you get to “sing the female part” of the song with Keith.You strike me as a very open, accepting, and progressive-thinking person. 

 ***EDITED to ADD*** Sadly, the contest page has been amended to state that only females can enter. Did your people ask them to change it?? Or was that the radio station’s decision? Either way, it’s disappointing…

If there was one country singer who I would expect to be comfortable enough with themselves and their sexuality to be unintimidated and unashamed by singing a duet with a man, it would be you. Wouldn’t it be an amazing and all-inclusive (and let’s not forget ground-breaking and extremely news-worthy) thing to have happen at a Keith Urban concert?! The media would GUSH, your fan base would double, and it would be known as the Summer of Keith!

Think about it. That’s all I ask…

*Love You*