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Tuesday July 28th

Posted on Jul 28, 2015

I’m going to just add the new stuff to this schedule. If you need more detailed info, please check out yesterday’s schedule. 

Until now, CISL 650 has flown under my radar. But now that I know they have contests, I’ll add them in whenever I hear of one. This week they are giving away tickets to Chef Meets BC Grape. I don’t know what that is, which means I’m going to have to look it up (which is the whole point of advertising, isn’t it?!) That happens at 7:40.

Bro Jake has Whitecaps tickets with his show on TSN.

CFOX’s morning show has Whitecaps tickets.

Olivia Jones has Whitecaps tickets during her show on QMFM.

JRFM announced their Sleeping Around winner today – congrats to Tammy, who is coming over from Victoria for it! She is bringing her old crush/new boyfriend over for it… this should be fun!! I’ll be tuning in on Friday to find out how the night went. Also on the JRFM front, Jaxon is having a party and you’re invited! Listen in the evenings to win your way into his rooftop pool party downtown at The Roadhouse (Granville and Smithe). You get a free dinner plus $50 drinks tab – sweet!! It’s a Tacky Pool Party, so if you win your way in you should ask if you have to wear a bathing suit. Even if you don’t, you should tell the 3 friends you’re bringing that they have to… oooh, that’s evil!! Don’t do that.

Z95.3’s secret Swift mission is happening today! I can’t wait to see it!!! If you’re in it, let me know so I can look for you! Zed also has Squamish Fest tickets including camping at 8, 11, and 4.

I didn’t make my Careoke video for The Peak yet, but I’ll have it done by Wednesday afternoon. Did you make one yet?

Breakfast Television has a mosquito preventer for you at 6:10, 7:10, and 8:10. Not sure what that is? Me neither! Going to have to tune in to find out. I like BT’s new Twitter profile pic – very colourful (it’s Pride Week!)

Keep Trying and Happy Dialling!


5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word (4 passes to PNE with ride passes)

6-9 – Kiss, tix to Taylor Swift

6:10 – Breakfast Television, Green Strike Mosquito Preventer

6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show (Whistler Bike Park passes)

7-9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (Terri Clark tickets)

7:00 – Jack, No Time To Google ($100)

7:00 – Z95.3, Taylor Swift tickets

7:00 – LG, Truth or Larry

7:05 – QMFM, SVMF weekend passes

7:10 – Breakfast Television, Green Strike Mosquito Preventer

7:10 – Virgin, $75 gas card

7:20 – LG, 1 Second Song 

7:35 – Z95.3, Cash Quiz for up to $2000 

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute 

7:40 – CISL650, tix to Chef Meets BC Grape 

7:40 – Jack, tix to Madonna

7:40 – KISS, $1000 Tag Team 

8:00 – Z95.3, SVMF passes PLUS camping

8:00 – Rock 101, qualify for Monday’s Disney trip

8:05 – QMFM, Taylor Swift tickets

8:10 – Breakfast Television, Green Strike Mosquito Preventer

8:10 – Peak, Not So Secret Word (tix to Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival)

9:05 – QMFM, SVMF weekend passes

10-3 – QMFM, Whitecaps tickets

11:00 – Z95.3, SVMF passes PLUS camping

11:00 – Rock 101, qualify for Monday’s Disney trip

11:05 – QMFM, SVMF weekend passes

11:10 – Virgin, $75 gas card

12:15 – Peak, Rock Bite (2 tix to Fly Over Canada)

1:10 – Virgin, $75 gas card

2-7 – Kiss, Madonna tix

2:00 – Rock 101, qualify for Monday’s Disney trip

3-8 – QMFM, Imagine Dragons tickets

3:00 – KISS, Who Is It, What Is It? 

3:05 – QMFM, SVMF weekend passes

3:10 – Virgin, $75 gas card

4-5 – JRFM, U-Turn (Theater Under the Stars tickets)

4:00 – Z95.3, SVMF passes PLUS camping

4:00 – CFOX, SVMF VIP code word

5:00 – Rock 101, qualify for Monday’s Disney trip

5:00 – Z95.3, Fresh Five at Five ($50 for Subway) 

As always, best of luck!