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Posted on Jul 3, 2015

This weekend the Peak is giving away Sea to Sky Gondola tickets at 3:15 both days. Nothing else is listed for this weekend, but you can be sure that most stations have something – Playland passes or festival passes or whatever. 

Meanwhile, you can start planning for next week! It looks like Clay and Karen are getting pimped out again this summer! The Clay and Karen Sleep Around contest is listed on the JRFM site, but it’s just a test-post. For now. So if you have a really enticing reason for Clay and Karen to come to your house – you make amazing waffles for breakfast, you have a unique waterbed, you’ve got Rock Band set up in your rec room with a bar, etc. – watch for the post to go live and get your entry in! I’d love to have them over but my house is a mess, my kids are distracting, and I can’t possibly stop myself from yelling at my kids for a full 12 hours!!!

Has anyone you know ented the My Big Fat Gay Wedding contest yet?? There aren’t any videos on the site yet. It IS rather an exclusive contest, but I love it so I hope they get some entries soon. If you’re not gay but you can sing, head on over to JRFM’s site and submit a video of you singing We Are Us by Keith Urban to win a chance at singing on stage with him. Cool!!

That’s all I know about for now, but I will update this post when I hear of anything else. Fingers crossed for some exciting contest announcements next week!