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Wednesday July 1st

Posted on Jul 1, 2015

Happy Hump Day! And Happy Canada Day! I was trying to be creative with that title picture but it just ended up looking messy – sorry about that! But I’m using it anyway because… well… I’m just too lazy to change it. 😀

I’m also sorry to say that I don’t know what will and won’t be happening today.

I know for SURE that Rock 101 will NOT be taking qualifiers today, which means that THIS is the best possible week to qualify – there will only be 15 other people in the draw. That’s 1 in 16 odds – freaking GOOD!!! I try to get through every morning with Willy, but don’t bother the rest of the day. And I always keep dialling until I get through, even when I know he has long since gotten to caller 10. I just like to say good morning to them all, and hear Willy chuckle if I can come up with something clever. One morning I yelled “THAT STINKS!!” and he had a good laugh, then played it on air. Maybe you heard it? Yup, that was me…

It sounds like the Bell folks have the day off, so no e-Transfers on Virgin and probably no Journey tickets on TSN.

If Larry and Corrie are on, they will have Journey tickets at 8am. I know they will be hosting the Canada Day celebrations at Swangard Stadium later today, which is FREE and has live music by 54-40. SO COOL! I’m sure my kids would enjoy the face painting and stuff but I can’t handle crowds in this heat – best to stay home…

JRFM won’t have Sunfest passes today but will have 2 pairs on Thursday. Jaxon and Docc are hosting the JRBQ, with live music and yes, a bbq. I went to this last year and it was pretty fun, though I thought the turnout was poor. Hopefully more people will show up this year!

Jack may still have Bon Jovi tickets with Big Ginger in the morning.

Does Z95.3 have 1D and Capilano Suspension Bridge passes? Doubt it.

Virgin will NOT have e-transfers today, so maybe no 1D tickets later either.

Peak may play a Mumford & Sons song, so if they do, text the word “WIN” to 88000 to win weekend passes to Squamish Fest. 

Z95.3 has a cruise, in fact, TWO cruises. Enter on their site, just log in and find the bear. The cruise date is set for August 16th to 23rd, so don’t enter if you can’t go those dates. They will give those away on July 3rd (Friday). 

And a quick reminder for those of you who listen to Vancouver Island stations, my friend Contests Vancouver Island has all the details of the contests over there. Check it out at, and join them on their Facebook page for more good stuff!

Keep Trying and Happy Dialling!


NOTHING! Take the day off…

As always, best of luck!