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Weekend July 11/12

Posted on Jul 11, 2015

There are two fun things going on this weekend that may interest you:

JRFM is giving away 4 packs of Cultus Lake Water Park passes. It’ll happen every hour between 8am and 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Awesome! 

Rock 101 has pairs of Rush tickets to give away this weekend. I don’t know how often that’ll happen so just keep it on Rock 101 and listen for the cue to call.

On a personal note, you may have seen on Twitter that our house got broken into yesterday. We were all out at the time, of course. In fact, I was out getting the brakes on the van fixed! Hubby and the kids were out running errands. When he got home just after 3pm, he noticed the front door was ajar. He didn’t even notice that the glass panel next to the door was all smashed, but the deadbolt was in the lock position so that was his first clue. As he walked through the house, it was hard to tell it had been ransacked – our house ALWAYS looks like that! LOL!

But the open drawers on my desk made it obvious. They didn’t take our laptops or the TV or the pack of tickets I had on my desk (Playland passes, etc), or the concert tickets off my bulletin board (whew!!!) or the change which they found or the Barbadan dollars off the dresser. It was a quick search for small things they could carry inconspicuously as they walked down the street. They took the iPad Mini and a bowl of old coins. And our sense of security. 

My husband called the non-emergency number for the police. He was told “don’t touch anything” and they’ll send someone out, but it may take a while. It was 9:30 before they showed up. We had long since given up “not touching anything” and had cleaned up the mess! I took pictures of everything before we put things away, vacuumed up the glass, took out the door frame and glass panel. Around 8pm hubby had out the saw, hammer and nails and had fixed that door solidly by the time the cops showed up. They knew there was no point looking for prints so they just stopped in as a courtesy, to let us know we’ve been added to the “crime in your area” stats probably. Hah!

It has been so hot for the past few weeks that hubby hasn’t been able to take our Shepherds with him in the truck, and when I go out I always leave the dogs inside where it’s a bit cooler for them. Since it had significantly cooled off, I had left them in the back yard that day. There’s a big sign in our front window that says “warning, security dog!” but all they had to do was kick in the lowest glass panel – when no dog came running, they knew it was safe. Lesson learned – one of the dogs will always be home, and the furniture moved so they can get to the front window to see who’s at the door!

I’m sure this thief was sorely disappointed to find we are poor and had absolutely nothing of worth to steal, so they won’t be back. But unless there’s a Robbers’ Database somewhere where they share info, other criminals won’t know we have nothing – it won’t be the same person but maybe a different one will want to see what we’ve got. Yesterday’s criminal kind of did us a favour – we will be more prepared in the future! Up go the security cams, surveillance signs, and clear warnings to would-be robbers! And it only cost us an iPad…