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4 Things to Stick Your Hands Into (that aren’t your pants!)

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

Yes, I too like to sit with my hand in my pants sometimes. Actually, I like to tuck them into my underwear or pajama bottoms when I’m sleeping – for some wierd reason it makes me feel more stable when I lay on my back. But I digress…

Besides your pants, there are many other places you should put your hands occasionally. But our lives are so busy and sometimes we just don’t think about doing these things! Here are 4 places you should try to get your hands into more often:

1) dough – I have only recently discovered that I enjoy baking (only took 46 years or so!) and one of the things that makes me giggle is having my hand in the raw dough. Silly, yes, but squeezing it out between your fingers and having it make that farting sound as the air gets trapped under your hand – priceless! Working the dough into shapes is a great creative outlet too, and the results are yummy!

2) washing machine – after removing my load of laundry from the washer, I made the mistake of looking into the empty washer (doing that final search for errant socks and whatnot). Yuck! It was pretty dirty in there. You’d think that it gets cleaned every time you do a load of wash, but NOPE! There was a layer of grime on the turnstile! You know, that twisty thing that sticks up in the middle that pushes your clothes around. Eeeeew. I grabbed some cleaner and a rag and ended up spending 45 minutes cleaning the washer – once the inside was clean I had to wash the outside to match!

3) mud – this is fun! My kids love to make mud. They will pour water onto any dirt they see (sometimes just a bare patch in the lawn, which drives my husband MAD!), and play for hours in the mud. One day I decided that I too wanted to play. We all got our hands dirty, but not only our hands – we had the mud fight to end all mud fights! We all ended up with mud in our hair, down our shirts, in our ears. It was a HOOT! And then we all had a nice, hot shower. It was a special bonding time that I will remember forever, and I hope my kids do too.

4) hands – make it your goal to hold a loved one’s hand whenever you get the chance. Hand-holding is tender, it’s intimate, it’s special. In my youth, if a boy held my hand, I instantly fell in love! On rare occasions when my husband holds my hand, I am flooded with memories of when we first started dating, when he would hold my hand as we walked down the street. And when my children take it upon themselves to put their little hand in mine of their own accord (i.e. I don’t grab it to walk them across the street), I feel deeply connected to them. Visiting my elderly, sick aunt in the hospital, I held her hand and I could see that it made her happy. It made ME happy too. The love flows freely between the palms, I think. I am not a hugger and even hand-holding creeps me out usually, but I’m going to make a real effort to hold hands with my loved ones – feeling a human connection is so very important to our sanity!

Now go on, get your hands dirty! 😀