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Posted on Aug 25, 2015


Do you hear that?

You don’t hear anything?

ME NEITHER!!! So my very first thank-you is to my friend who took my kids and hers to the pool for a few hours. This is the first time in days that I can hear myself think!!!

It doesn’t have to be October or even Thankuary to express our gratitude for the simple things. When I have time to reflect, I realize just how lucky I am. Now I’m going to throw out some thank-yous that I’ve been thinking about:

Personal Thank-yous to:

– the two friends who drove 3.5 hours to hang out, who made me laugh and think and gasp in shock. It was super fun! And they brought beer which I forgot to pay them for. I’ll buy at the next WWV meeting! ;D

– the person who gave me the TSwift tickets. They were perfect and I’m ever so grateful! My kids still talk about the concert (my son still swoons over her clothes and wakes up singing Bad Blood!) I will repay the favour.

– CV2 for being so flexible and helpful, dropping everything (even though she was in the middle of a dinner party) to help me out. You are such a wonderful person, I want you to know that I admire and appreciate you in so many ways!

– my friend for letting me stay at her house – it’s heavenly here! So quiet (when the kids are away or sleeping), so clean, so bright, and really relaxing. She’s not a neat freak in any way, so I don’t feel at all obligated to clean her house! Haha!

– my husband for not being a control freak – ie. not insisting that we stay home all summer to keep him company. Home is where the heart is, but sometimes you can’t hear your heart when there’s too much noise. Miss you.

– my crazy little ankle-biters for being wonderful, bratty, clever, creative, sweet, and tolerant of my rants. The older they get, the more I like them (and hate them, then love them, then hate them, then want to hug them, then want to throttle them, then smile at them, etc.)

– my friend’s husband, who wins this week’s Biggest Asshat award for cheating on his wife in front of his 10 year old. While this makes me shudder and shake my head, it also makes me want to rejoice – she may finally kick your undeserving, womanizing ass to the curb. Thank you for making me appreciate what I’ve got waiting for me at home!

Professional Thank-yous to:

– Matty B for answering my e-mail earlier this week and not being offended that I questioned his math. And for keeping me company while I write this (via tv streaming of Zed). I love Matty’s laugh!

– TJ for sending me a nice note this week. It made my day!

– Kiah just for being himself. His drunken hotness gave me fodder for a post this week.

– Croz for being kind, and for being my muse. Pickles!

– Larry for letting Brad play 1 Second Song this morning. It’s good to know that LG doesn’t screen players – they are fairer than an Irish girl in the Arctic!

– Willy for playing the recordings of people who don’t get through – this always makes me giggle. So glad you are back!

– Bon Jovi for stepping up and making good on his concert – he seems like such a nice guy! And he let his hair go grey – I LOVE THAT!! There’s no shame in getting old(er). And he wears it well. Too well, apparently – a Jackaholic was at the concert and tweeted that she pinched his ass! Can you imagine if someone pinched her ass on the sky train? Or if a male fan pinched a female artist’s bum? Or *gasp* kissed a reporter as she did a live tv spot from a music festival?? There’d be hell to pay, public shaming, and all sorts of stone throwing! But nope – Bon Jovi sat down and played to her. *slow clapping*

And thank YOU for being here, for hanging out with me, for reading my babble, for engaging, and for being AWESOME! Because you ARE awesome…

And that’s the end of this week’s Oscar speech. 😀