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FXitis Grips Ontario!

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Well THIS is interesting!!!

I noticed that my website was getting a bunch of hits from Ontario so I got curious. I found that they were coming via google searches for Z-FX, and they were all reading my old Z-FX posts. Huh. So I did some investigating…

Newcap (who owns Z95.3 in Vancouver) has a station in Toronto called Flow 93.5. On June 8th they started playing a game called FLOW-FX. The 35th caller to the station at 8:45, 11:45, 4:45, and 7:45 gets to guess the sound effect. The jackpot starts at $500 and increases by $200 with each wrong guess.

The game is coming to a close, with the final play on August 28th (Friday). The jackpot currently sits at $13,700. Apparently the answer to the sound effect has been mentioned in the comments section of the site’s FX post, but as we all know, nobody REALLY knows the answer!

The station has been giving hints to the sound – so far there have been 2 hints, and you have to log in to see what they are. From what I read on the comments (HERE), one of the hints was “ham”. So someone posted a video of a hamster wheel, and the sounds (the wheel turning and the FX sound) are supposedly exact. I did not watch the video or listen to the sound FX, so I have no opinion. But you can pretty much guarantee that any opinion of mine would be WRONG anyway (as proven by the onion-slicing debacle!)

I only noticed hits on my blog from Ontario in the past week, so maybe the jackpot didn’t get high enough to warrant google searches until just today. It appears that ZFXitis has hit Ontario and Newcap is the carrier of this nasty disease! (I use “nasty” as a term of endearment, because we all know how much I LOVE this game!)

Too bad the contest is about to end – I would’ve tuned in online to hear it this summer! I’m definitely going to be tuning in this afternoon when they play at 4:45 Toronto time (1:45 Vancouver time) – I want to hear someone win it! If they guess wrong, I’m going to keep tuning in – I LOVE THIS GAME!!! If you want to tune in too, you can listen to the station HERE.

To all you Ontarioans who think they know what the FLOW-FX is, let me say THIS. I say it with the utmost humility and respect. And to Flow 93.5, I congratulate you on a successful campaign – if your listeners are googling it, you’ve done your job! Kudos!

It may be time to start a Contests Toronto website, Facebook page, and Twitter account!!! 😀