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Inside Out?

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Are you inside out? Don’t pout!

My kids and I were doing some navel-gazing the other night and they asked me why some people have an innie and some people have an outie. Hmmm, good question!

So I did some googling. I found this great article from 2011 that answered all of my questions (HERE).

It turns out that MOST people have an innie. What happens is when the umbilical cord is cut and clamped, the abdominal muscles close up and you get an innie. In some cases, the muscles don’t close completely and you get a hernia – essentially the insides are popping out your belly button!

Apparently you can start out with an outie but as you grow the muscles strengthen and close up, so by the time you’re an adult you have an innie. If it doesn’t close up on it’s own, surgery can be done to fix it.

This is great news for people who hate their belly buttons! Some kids, especially teens, can be super sensitive about the littlest blemishes. I had a friend in high school who wouldn’t even change her shirt in the girls’ change room because she was ashamed of her outie!

I personally like the look of an innie better – an outie looks cute on kids but on an adult they look out of place. But an outie is not a health issue – I don’t think they actually have any effect on the inner workings, and therefore don’t require medical intervention. But if you WANT to get it fixed, you can. In fact, even if you have an innie but it’s mis-shapen or odd looking, you can have it reshaped!

I predict hearth-shaped belly buttons as a future trend…