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Overview Aug 31st – Sept 4th

Posted on Aug 30, 2015

It’s been a while since I had to do an Overview post, and I’m happy to have a reason to do one now. Here is a description of the major contests happening this week (or at least the ones I’m aware of – there may be more announcements coming!)


Z-FX. I don’t think I need to say much about this, other than I WISH they would give us the sound before the game starts so the 8am guess isn’t a total waste.


What’s in Aldean’s Jeans? – They will play a sound (!) and the first person to guess it will win tickets to Jason’s show on Oct 2nd. Listen for the cue to call each day (I’m not sure if it’s only once per day or more).

Music Meeting – this isn’t a contest but I thought it was interesting. You can attend the Music Meeting on Wednesday September 23rd at the JRFM offices and help them choose the music. Just log in to your Online Insider account and tell them you’d like to attend – they may just invite you! It happens at 10am and I imagine there will be donuts, so… 😀


The Who – enter at their tent at the PNE to win a 4 pack of tickets to The Who’s concert on September 29th. You can also enter to win on TSN’s site if you can’t make it to the Fair.

Jays in TO – listen for the code word with each show (4 times per day) and text it to 104040. The code word will be the SAME with each show (only one word per day) and you can only enter ONCE per day. ONLY TEXT ONCE PER DAY!!! If you can’t text, you can enter via e-mail – put “TSN Text to Win Contest” in the subject line, include your full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address in the body of the e-mail, and send it to It doesn’t say that you have to include the code word, but put that in your entry just in case. Again, only e-mail an entry ONCE PER DAY! This contest runs this week and next week, and a winner will be drawn Monday morning, September 14th (my birthday!) The prize includes 2 flights Van-Toronto, 2 nights at a hotel, and 2 tickets to the baseball game on September 21st. Do NOT enter if you can’t get away for those 2 days (20th/21st)!!

Bro Jake Open – Bro Jake will qualify one person per day and each Friday he will draw one winner. The winner and 3 friends get to play in the Amacon Bro Jake Open at Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course on September 19th. Don’t qualify if you can’t play that day!! Qualifiers will get a round of golf at that course even if they don’t win (but not on the day of the tournament obviously!) There will be 3 draws (4th, 11th, 18th) so get your name in the draw every morning for the next 3 weeks with the Bro Jake Show. You can only qualify once, but the odds of winning are 1 in 5 My husband would be over the moon if he qualified, so looks like I may have to listen to TSN every morning for the next 3 weeks! AUGH!!!


Beat the Bank – Play this nerve-wracking game each weekday at 7:05, 8:05, 11:05, and 4:05. Open vault after vault until your greed is satisfied or the alarm goes off. I’ve only ever played this once and it was stressful! But I’m willing to give it another go… 😉


$15,000 Thursdays – every Thursday at 8:10am, caller 94 wins $15,000. Yup, it’s just that easy. Except it takes them at least 15 minutes and sometimes longer to get to caller 94, so just keep making lunches and getting the kids ready for school until about 8:23, and then start dialling.


Guess Duress – they call their new game Easy Way Out, but I’ve dubbed it Guess Duress. Just because. At 8, 11, 2, and 5, the 9th caller through will get to choose: do you want to attempt the trivia question and maybe win the jackpot, or do you want to take the $50 gift card? If you choose the trivia question but get it wrong, you get nothing and the jackpot goes up by $250. I will be tuning in to hear how hard the questions are – I have a feeling they may be tough, as the jackpot starts at $1,000 on Monday! Tune in to find out! If the jackpot gets to high they will pose easier trivia questions – it’s nicer to spread the weath than let the jackpot go too high. I like that.

Rock 101:

ACDC – four times each day you could win ticket to the ACDC concert in Vancouver on September 22nd. On Monday the 21st, one lucky winner’s name will be drawn and they will be off to see the ACDC concert in Australia! They will win 2 return flights from Vancouver to Melbourne, 4 nights hotel stay, and tickets to the concert on December 8th. This prize has set dates: Dec 4th to Dec 10th. Even if you can’t travel then, you may as well win some tickets to the Vancouver concert – the odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 100 or so. One more thing: if you’ve won anything from Rock 101 in the past 30 days you are not eligible to win.

LG 104.3:

Larry-Oke – at 8am you can finish the lyrics to win $100 gas from North Shore Auto Mall.

Neil Young – at 8:15 this week you could win tickets to see Neil Young and Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real on October 5th at Rogers Arena.


Cuba – not this week but NEXT week, they will be taking qualifiers for their Cuba getaway. It starts at 8am on Tuesday the 8th. Until then, I’m not really sure what they will have – maybe PNE passes? Tune in to find out!


Car-eoke – there are still only 8 videos up for this contest! Don’t you need some free gas?? Yeah, I know, it’s hard to video yourself singing in your car without getting arrested for distracted driving – that’s why you need to rope a friend into doing it with you! ;D

Be Good – tell them what you (or someone else) is doing to improve the community, and nTrust may help you out with some cash and maybe even some helping hands! Want to clean up the neighbourhood beach? Fix the skate park? Start a non-profit group? Tell them! They may help you out! These guys are super nice. There’s certainly no harm in asking, right?? Enter on Peak’s site under the Win tab.


Yeah, I’ve got nothin’. If I hear of anything I’ll let you know.