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Radio Host’s Vegas Romp Ruffles Feathers

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

Australian import Kiah Tucker got drunk in Vegas. So what? Well, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas! 

While Kiah teetered as he leaned on a pole along the Strip, ankles awkwardly bent over unable to hold his legs straight, head swaying as if it’s too heavy, a dear friend decided that NOW would be a good time to take a video. “How’re you feeling?” asks the friend. The answer, barely discernible, is “I feel terrible”. No doubt! But not as bad as you’re going to feel in the morning, my friend!

This short video clip was sent to Kiah’s co-host Tara Jean, who then posted it on the Kiah and Tara Jean’s Facebook page. Before she posted it though, she asked for Kiah’s permission. Now, if you are a loyal listener or even an occasional listener to The Morning Glory show on 96.9 Jack FM, you completely understand why Kiah agreed to have the video posted. Kiah is down-to-earth and will always own up to his actions and/or mistakes.

This duo does not shy away from publicity, nor do they shy away from making fools of themselves. But ONLY themselves – they would never, EVER embarrass a listener, or anyone else for that matter. They are creative with their content and can make you cringe and howl before you’ve even had your second cup. So when they posted the video of Drunk Kiah, it was no surprise to me – I thought it was funny.

Unfortunately, some people did not agree. They thought TJ (as she is affectionately referred to by all who know her) had overstepped by posting the video. TJ assured them that she had Kiah’s permission. Some tut tutted and tsk tsked, saying how it was shameful that Kiah would be so drunk in public. Clearly these folks have never been to Vegas! Still others were disappointed that they would post it on such a public forum – what if KIDS saw it?!

Yes, what IF kids saw it? It would be a great way to open the dialogue about responsible drinking and the hazards of iPhones and social media posts and judging other people and airing your opinions. If they’re old enough to have a Facebook account, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ve seen far worse things than a drunk DJ slurring his words!

Knowing the antics that Kiah and TJ get up to, why on earth would you expect anything less? If you disapprove of the video, why did you watch it? It is clearly captioned “Drunk Kiah”. If you disapprove of public drunkenness, even in Vegas, then just keep on scrolling. Nothing for you to see here! And if you watched the video for curiosity’s sake and found it distasteful, that’s a shame. But please do not be angry at Kiah and TJ for being brave – they put themselves and their personal lives out there for the world to see every day. They share, often overshare, and open themselves up to everyone’s judgement, criticism, and ridicule.

Let those who’ve never made mistakes cast the first stone.

It won’t be me.