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7 Reasons I Want to Go to Cuba with Kiah and TJ

Posted on Sep 22, 2015

I can’t imagine anyone NOT wanting to go to Cuba, with or without Kiah and Tara Jean! But since the travel dates are set, it’s possible that some people can’t get away that week. Well, I CAN! And here are 7 reasons why I want to go:

1) Cuba – more specifically, Varadero, the 48 sq km narrow peninsula with 20kms of coastline with white sand beaches, spas, golf courses, and an ecological reserve with  an ancient burial cave. Sure, it would be great to see more of Cuba, but if all I see of it are the folks at the resort and that 20 kms of beach, I’M GOOD!

2) All-inclusive – the sand between my toes and the lazy days of doing nothing are very enticing, but the biggest draw for me is the all-inclusive feature. The only time I’ve ever been to an all-inclusive resort, I was there alone and pregnant, unable to enjoy any of what they had to offer besides the restaurants. Enjoying a meal with my husband without having to worry about paying would be just so sweet. Oh, and let’s not forget about the BUTLER! Whaaaaat?! A BUTLER?? Yes, a frigging butler! I can’t imagine what the hell I would ask a butler to do for me, but um… I’m sure I can think of something! Get me a towel? Bring me a drink? Fetch my flip flops? EEK! I’m not sure I could do that. I would probably tip him hourly just for being so attentive…

3) November – blech. Traditionally November is among the top 3 rainiest months of the year in Vancouver. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark, it’s kinda miserable. So it’s the perfect time of year for a Caribbean vacation! Well, any warm vacation really – even Vegas would be decent. But again, see points 1) and 2) above.

4) Contesters – this trip is going to be full of people who love contests as much as I do! Just like the trip to Barbados, where I met a dozen absolutely lovely people and we gushed about contests and radio and all sorts of fun stuff – so FUN!!! It’s one thing to go on a vacation, it’s quite another to go on one with people that you have so much in common with – we all love Kiah and Tara Jean, we all love contests, and we all love  fun!

5) Kiah – With 6 restaurants and 8 bars, I have a feeling Kiah will be three sheets to the wind most of the time. You’ve seen the video of Kiah in Vegas? Nuff said…

6) Tara Jean – this delightful little vamp will keep us all entertained with her bubbly personality and regale us with family stories that will make you either feel like a GREAT parent or a stick-in-the-mud parent. Either way, I’m in!

7) The Davidsons – these two will undoubtedly make a special guest appearance during this week, and I want to be there! If I can be an extra, or hold the camera, or even play a part, I will be HONOURED! These two are my kinda crazy. I would go anywhere with them, but especially to an adults-only resort with plenty of drinking and shenanigans!

To that end, I have texted 28 of the possible 30 times so far, but have not qualified a single time. I can’t seem to figure out if I’m texting too soon or too late. I wait about 20 seconds before hitting the SEND button, but clearly that’s not working. Maybe I’ll try waiting 30 – 60 seconds tomorrow…

I also spent almost all of my 33,675 Jackaholics points on 134 entries into the draw for the final trip (8 are given away to on-air qualifiers, one trip will be awarded to a Jackaholic who bought raffle tickets). I will continue to collect Jackaholics points and spend them ALL on more entries – if I never get qualified via text, at least I’ll still have a slim chance through the Jackaholics club!

And because I’m a positive thinker and an eternal optimist, I’m going to start shopping for a new bathing suit to take with me, and a babysitter to leave home with the kids!!!