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Beat the Rush Contest

Posted on Sep 20, 2015

Here’s a fun contest for those of you who use the Port Mann Bridge! You could win a $50 toll credit, one month of free tolls, or six months worth of free tolls*! Sweet!!

All you have to do is this: write a personal message about what you would do with all the time you save by taking the Port Mann Bridge. Did you know that you could save 41 minutes per day by taking this faster route? I don’t know about you, but I could do a LOT with 41 minutes! Colour my hair, bake muffins, write a blog post, meditate, clean out my closet, do some volunteer work, visit a sick friend… sheesh, having extra time could be really useful!!!

If you could use an extra 200 minutes per week, here’s how you enter: tell them what you would do with your extra time and post it on Facebook or Twitter using #TReOBeatTheRush. You don’t have to include a picture, but since a picture paints a thousand words and Twitter only gives you 140 characters, might be worth including a pic.

For all the juicy details, visit the contest page HERE. Then get your entry together – make it positive, make it happy, and make it funny if you can (if it makes me laugh, I will vote for it!) The contest started on the 17th and goes till October 1st, so get started asap!

Have fun with it!

*This contest is for those of you with small vehicles for personal use – ie not for commercial or company vehicles.