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Kiss My A$$!

Posted on Sep 10, 2015

What comes to mind when you think of the word “kiss”? Try it – close your eyes and say “kiss”. How did you feel? Was it a warm feeling? Was it tender and sweet? Or was it an angry or impish feeling?

When I think about a kiss, I think of the sweet butterfly kisses I give my kids, or the tender kisses I give my husband when he’s done something nice, or the grateful “thanks for loving me” kisses I plant on my friends’ cheeks.

I do NOT feel rage, insecurity, or arrogance. Yet that is how Kiss 104.9 is portraying themselves, and it makes me so sad! Their new 5 Song Mash for Cash contest has me tuning in (I normally don’t have time to listen to that station) and I just heard their commercial stating “Last week Kiss played 393 songs more than Virgin!”

Um… don’t you think that people who are listening to your station and hear that commercial are ALREADY listening to you? They’ve already switched, so why slag the competition? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

In fact, it makes me want to change the station. I am not this station’s demographic so I doubt they would give a rat’s ass if I turnd the dial, but let me just say this:

A few years ago I was a loyal listener of a certain country station, and I never wavered – I ONLY listened to that station. My husband had to listen to it simply because I was the one in charge of the radio station, and he even learned to enjoy some country songs. They would play commercials that said other stations didn’t know what good music was, people who didn’t listen to country were stupid, and asked people to switch their work stations to them. These commercials annoyed the crap out of my husband, and I was DULY embarrassed every time they played them. We started switching the station every time one came on, and that’s how I got turned onto other stations. Since then, I have become fickle: if I don’t like the song or the dj’s voice or the commercials or the station’s attitude, I switch the station.

I was that station’s exact demographic. I was loyal. And then, I became ashamed. How could they be so arrogant? They made me embarrassed and they looked BAD in front of my man and my friends (who would raise an eyebrow and look at me sideways every time they heard those commercials).

This Kiss radio commercial comes on the heels of the tv spot where they crush the Virgin star with a guitar. What. Is. The. Point? Has this actually increased their listenership? I doubt it. If anything, it may be a deterrent – they look like bullies. And for a station that takes a stand against bullying at every turn, that does not sit well with me.

The only saving grace here is that I ADORE the Kiss station in Victoria – Matt & Vanessa are delightful! I’ve never gotten the impression that they think they are better than anyone else, and they don’t demand that people listen to them and ONLY them.

Maybe our local station should take a page out of their book and just be grateful for the listeners they DO have – those who are both full time AND part time. Just be cool and people will come – not because you slag the competition and demand loyalty, but because you play good tunes, your djs are charismatic, and your contests are fun.

Just chill out…