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Lotto Max

Posted on Sep 20, 2015

This Lotto Max thing is getting a bit out of hand…

The problem that I’m having is one that I didn’t foresee. When I started the Facebook page I never imagined that it would get 1000 Likes! A week ago there were 900, and 5 days later there are 1053. ONE THOUSAND AND FIFTY THREE! Gah!!!

This is not the problem – I love sharing the contests and Lotto Max dreams, and the more people I can help, the better. It’s fun to share in the dream, and when we lose, it’s somehow comforting to know that others share your disappointment. The lovely comments on the “we didn’t win” posts always make me feel better about being a loser. Haha!

When I started posting the Lotto Max tickets last year, less than half of our Facebook friends Liked the post. When there were 300 page Likes, only about 100 people Liked the Lotto Max post. When there were 850 page Likes, about 400 people Liked the post. Since Facebook shows you less than half of my posts, that would explain those numbers – half of our Facebook friends didn’t see the post in their feed! So they would miss it unless they actually came looking for it (by clicking on the main Contests Vancouver Facebook page) because they know I post one every Friday.

So when I posted the ticket on Sept 18th, I had expected about 450 Likes on it since we were at 900 page Likes. Imagine my shock when my Lotto Max post received 2145 Likes! Whaaaa??? How is that even possible – there are only 1053 page Likes?! I guess when people Liked the post, all of their friends saw the post in their feeds and decided to Like the post as well. Which is totally do-able, since you don’t have to Like a page in order to Like a post.

For some reason, I just assume that people who Like a page about Vancouver contests actually live somewhere in BC. Most of the contests I post are local, a few are province-wide, and almost NONE are national. But Lotto Max is a national game – everyone in Canada can buy tickets for the same play. I have never said that only BC residents can play along with us – the Lotto Max post is for everyone and anyone, and that’s the way I want it.

But let’s do some math:

$27,000,000/1000 = $27,000

$27,000,000/2145 = $12,587.41

$27,000,000/8000 = $3,375

$27,000,000/32,000 = $843.75

Assuming that this week’s 400% growth takes place each week, and assuming that the jackpot is substantial and I’m always splitting $27 million, two weeks from now we could be down to less than $1000 per share!

Now I’m not saying that $843.75 isn’t a great return for simply hitting the Like button, but imagine the frigging HEADACHE it would be trying to send 32,000 people a cheque for $843.75. Eeeeeyuck! Had we won the jackpot this past Friday, each share would’ve been $12,587.41. It’s not life-altering, but take it from someone who just had this exact experience – having $12,000 fall in your lap is effing AMAZING!!!

If we had won that jackpot, I would’ve gladly spent a week or two writing 2145 cheques to send across the country. I would’ve relished every second of it! But that’s about as many as I’d want to write, so how do we keep the Likes down to a manageable number without excluding people?

I could say that only people who Like the Contests Vancouver Facebook page will be eligible to win a share, but that’s just not how I roll – I don’t want people to feel roped into Liking the page. I want them to Like it because they want to engage with us, not just so they can join the Lotto Max post.

I could cap the Lotto Max Likes at 2000 and say that only the first 2000 people who Like it are eligible. Ugh, that doesn’t feel right. Some folks don’t check Facebook until the end of the day and by then it would be too late. I could start a new page for Lotto Max sharing – you have to buy a ticket and share it with all members to join. This also doesn’t feel right – some people simply can NOT afford to buy a $6 ticket (been there, sucks HARD!!)

If anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to hear them! Please e-mail me at with your suggestions. Please!!! Until then, I will continue posting a Lotto Max ticket on Facebook for anyone and everyone. It will be interesting to see how many Likes the next one gets!

And maybe if I have a little extra cash, I will buy a separate ticket and post it on my blog – everyone that comments on that post will be eligible for a share. Since about 140 people read my blog each day, each share would be substantial ($27,000,000/140 = $192,857.14)!