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Peak’s Perfect 10 trivia

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

Here is where I will keep track of the Peak’s trivia game questions. I love that they ask the SAME questions!!!

Monday Sept 14th

Round 1:

1) How many days are there in September? (30)

2) What is the name of Tina Fey’s character on 30 Rock? (Liz Lemon)

3) What colour is a lemon? (Yellow)

4) What is the name of the big yellow character on Sesame Street? (Big Bird)

5) What province are the Blue Jays in? (Ontario)

6) What is the tallest free-standing building in Toronto? (CN Tower)

7) What Vancouver street is Trump Tower on? (Georgia St.)

8) What fruit is Georgia known for? (peach)

9) Who sings the song “peaches, peaches for me” (Presidents of the United States)

10) Who is the current president of the United States? (Obama)

YES!!! Keith got 10 for 10 and won $500!!! Congrats Keith!!!

Round 2 went with the first player – Chevonne KILLED it and walked away with $500! Nicely done!

Michael pasted Round 3 and won $500. Congrats!

Way to go Kim!! Round 4 is done. Next!

Kerry nailed Round 5. Marnie pasted Round 6! Racheal got all of Round 7. A guy got all of Round 8 in one go! Ian got Round 9 (happy birthday Ian!!)

Martin got all 10 right in Round 10 and is spending the money on his wife for her birthday. Sweet!

Mike won $500 in round 11. Congrats to Lorraine on Round 12. Jen kicked round 13’s ass! Heather won round 14 – congrats! 15 and 16 were won back-to-back – wow!! Round 17 was put to bed by Amman. Susan killed Round 18 – wheeeee!!! Sandy won round 19. Louise took round 20!

Don wins the last round. Game over!!