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Meet & Greets

Posted on Oct 6, 2015

Of the 10 radio stations I follow, these 6 want to meet you! They will come to your work place and bring you some coffee and/or treats, they’ll play some games, they’ll hang out for some photo ops. What a nice way to break up a dull work week!

Here’s who will come and how to enter:

Jack FM – Kiah and Tara Jean

They will bring lunch to your office on a Thursday – presumably it’s pizza since it’s sponsored by Boston Pizza. You can play No Time to Google against your coworkers and maybe get some pics* with these radio stars to plaster on your Instagram and Facebook! They are sure to brighten your day, so go sign up HERE. *They reserve the right to refuse service if you get too handsy.

Rock 101 – Willy, Kim, and maybe Alece

This crew will bring you coffee, donuts, and ROCK 101 mugs. I don’t know what time of day they come, but those donuts would sure make a great mid-morning snack! Go sign up HERE if you think your boss will let you have these guys at your work. A date with Willy = day made!

Z95.3 – Ruby and Cruise (Cruby)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have these two deliver some yummy Starbucks to you? They probably won’t stay long – they know you’ve got work to do – but they WILL stay for some handshakes, hugs, and photo ops. Cruise always makes faces so try to get everyone in the photo to make a gnarly face just for something different! Put your request in HERE.

QMFM – Nat & Drew & Crew

All four of them will come with hands full of goodies. Not only will they bring you stuff, they will also dance with you! You pick the song and they will boogie with you. How fun! Go sign up HERE!

JRFM – PaCK (Purvey and Clay & Karen)

Do you miss Moola the Cash Cow as much as I do? Well, here’s your chance to play! Invite the PaCK to your workplace for a visit and they will bring a mini version of Moola along – you could win up to $200! Fun!! Click HERE to enter.

CFOX – JOS-mobile

The Jeff O’Neil mobile will show up (presumably the folks from JOS will be in it) and bring you food, drinks, and money! You and your full belly can play for up to $500 – not sure what the game is but oooooh, FUN!!! Log in HERE to invite them.

If you enter and they show up, please let me know! I’d love to hear YOUR version of how it went – the pictures on Facebook are nice, but an insider’s opinion is always truer. I won’t enter myself as I don’t have a regular “job” for them to come to, but I’m free till 2:30 daily if you’re hiring!