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Rock the Kasbah, the non-review

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

The best way to see a movie is to go in blind. I like to ignore every write up, post and trailer of a movie I’d like to see, just so I get an unskewed view of it. If I the trailer shows too much, I’m disappointed when the actual movie doesn’t show more. When a write up tells me the plot line, I have expectations. When a review rips it apart, I go in with a bad attitude.

With Rock the Kasbah, I had avoided ALL hype. I had not seen a single trailer or advertisement for it. Someone kindly offered me their free pre-screening tickets, so I gladly went – it was the one movie my husband had wanted to see this month! Woot!

Babysitters were arranged, preparations were made. We got to the theatre early, got great seats. Popcorn, nachos, lemonade – we were set! I didn’t realize the screening would be hosted by Rock 101 – that was a nice surprise. They played great tunes for the 30 minutes we sat waiting, and at 7pm precisely, it started. No trailers, no ads, no hype. Just BOOM! Movie.

I’m not going to give you the plot line because I don’t want you to have any expectations. I also don’t want you to read any reviews before you go in, and here’s why: we loved the movie. We loved Bill’s character, we loved that there was no closure, we loved that it wasn’t the “Bill Murray” show. We were in awe of the scenery, the rawness, the reality.

When we got home, I wanted to know about the person who the movie was dedicated to, so I googled it. What I found were scathing reviews, calling it Bill’s “worst movie”, dis-jointed and unwatchable. Ummm… what??

I’m left shaking my head. Everything that the “critics” hated about the movie was what WE enjoyed about the movie. We didn’t know the shoot location, we didn’t understand the political implications, we didn’t need to see a happy ending, we didn’t need gone characters to re-emerge.

So if you’re going to see this movie (and I highly recommend it), please don’t read about it first. Don’t read the plot line – be surprised. Don’t read the reviews – form your own opinions first. And don’t have any expectations – it’s not Shakespeare, it’s an interesting movie that will entertain you if you let it!