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A Christmas Story

Posted on Nov 12, 2015

This is not MY Christmas story. This is the story ABOUT A Christmas Story. Unlike me, you’ve probably heard of “A Christmas Story”, a movie that came out in 1983. Unbelievably, I had never seen this movie until last week. There’s no shame in admitting I’ve lived a large part of my life under a rock…

I told you in a recent post about winning tickets to A Christmas Story, the Musical on Z95.3. When I stopped in to pick up the tickets, the ebullient admin assistant recommended I see the movie before going to the play. She had not seen the play herself, but was so enamoured of the movie, I simply HAD to see it. As it is with ALL seasonal classics, you just HAVE to see them! I know this, because this is what I recommend to all and sunder: watch White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life! You HAVE to!!

Dutifully, I searched for said classic on my Shaw on Demand, and voila! I found it! It was free (insert angels singing here)! It was the weekend, it was past dinnertime and I was just hanging with the kids, so I started watching it. The kids got sucked in too, and for the first time ever, we watched a movie together that I wanted to watch – not a kids’ animated movie! We giggled, guffawed, and tut-tutted our way through this 80’s classic. It was fun! If I had seen this movie in 1983 at the tender age of 17, I would have LOVED it!

In my dulled adult state, I didn’t love it. I liked it, but it was just meh. I regretted winning the tickets.

The main characters in the story are children, the star of the show merely 9 years old. I could not imagine how they would bring this movie to life in a stage play. How would it be possible to portray a child’s story for an audience of mostly adults? Well, they must’ve figured out a way, so I didn’t give it much thought, and felt well-prepared for an adulted-version of this “classic”.

I had originally planned to take my aging 78 year old mother to the play, but she backed out at the last minute (having spent all of her daily allotment of energy on a lovely but too-long Remembrance Day service). Admittedly, I was relieved – making her sit through this play seemed a cruel punishment for a woman whose English was poor at best. Luckily my husband was delighted to accompany me! And you know what? He hadn’t seen this movie either!!! AAAAHAHAHAHA! Two peas in a pod, we two. So I gave him this synopsis: it’s about a 9 year old boy who wants a BB gun for Christmas. That’s it. That’s all I told him.

To my surprise, this play told the story – the WHOLE story – and then some! They replayed every single scene I had seen in the movie. I couldn’t believe it! And not only that, they inserted some wickedly funny and oh-so-entertaining musical numbers to fill in the 2 hour playtime. It was utterly delightful! To boot, half of the actors were children. KIDS! And those little munchkins sang and tap-danced their way right into our hearts!

There was a point shortly before the intermission where I glanced at my husband just in time to catch his upper and lower eyelashes meet and his jaw slacken. I laughed and startled him awake – I know his attention span is directly proportional to his food intake. The less he’s eaten, the lower his attention span. We hadn’t eaten lunch and he was losing the battle. At intermission I asked him how he liked the play and he said he was really enjoying it. The great acting and singing aside, the story was engaging and entertaining.

Huh. The story itself was my least favourite part! But I frigging LOVED the play!!