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Graphically Speaking…

Posted on Nov 25, 2015

… LG is on the outs!

My husband and I were talking about LG104.3 and I mentioned that their ratings were on the lower end. According to the ratings measured from June 1 – Aug 30 of this year, they had less market share than all other music stations (I totally copied this info from the Puget Sound Radio site – they are reliable so I’m assuming it’s all legit!)

Station                                                              AMA              Daily Cume     Share %              Trend

CHQMFM    (QM/FM)                               14.0                    372.1                  11.4                    n/c
CFMIFM        (Rock 101)                              8.8                    200.2                     7.2                  -0.2
CFBTFM         (Virgin Radio)                      8.3                    305.0                     6.8                    n/c
CJAXFM          (Jack FM)                              8.3                      211.6                    6.8                 +1.1
CKZZFM       (Z95)                                          7.2                     269.7                    5.9                   -1.6
CJJRFM             (Country)                            6.7                      140.2                    5.5                  -0.2
CFOXFM          (The Fox)                             6.6                      158.2                    5.4                   -0.3
CISL            (All Time Faves)                       4.4                        78.5                     3.6                  +0.2
CKKSFM*       (KISS FM)                             4.1                      207.0                    3.4                  -0.3
CKPKFM         (The Peak)                            4.1                      140.7                   3.4                  +0.5
CHLGFM         (LG104.3)                             3.1                      124.4                   2.5                  +0.1
CKST                (TSN 1040)                           2.3                        69.5                    1.9                   -0.9

These results were not surprising to my husband for one main reason: they are on the far end of the dial. He said that they are so far over on the “dial” that by the time he’s passed all the other stations, he just skips the last few and goes to AM stations. He pointed out that there was nothing drawing him to that station, and said they need a catch phrase like “it’s 104 degrees in here!” or something catchy like that. Huh.

So I did what any science geek would do: I drew a bell graph. I would show it to you but I have no idea how to make a graph on this Mac! Let me describe it to you: I listed the radio stations on the bottom, starting at 93.7 and stopping at 104.9. Then up the side I put the numbers 1-14, with 1 at the bottom. When I put in the dots where the AMA was for each station, it ended up looking much like the Loch Ness monster – 3 humps with a tall neck.

When you have a set of numbers, it’s standard practice to drop the lowest and highest numbers. That would mean dropping the QMFM dot and the LG dot. Then if you draw the line between the dots, you can see where there’s the perfect gap for a thriving station – right on the upswing of the third hump! Ha!

My husband’s theory is that the station’s problem is NOT the hosts, NOT the music, NOT the promotions, but merely their location on the spectrum. If they moved somewhere close to the other stations, they’d get way more listeners simply because people would be more likely to stumble upon them. Perhaps a home nearer to 97.7 or 98.2 would be better?

Seems simplistic, but I think I have to agree with his take on it: it’s all about location, location, LOCATION!