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Peak Questions Nov 2015

Posted on Nov 9, 2015

Here is where I will update the questions for Peak’s Smarty Pantz Perfect 10 game. Get all 10 right and you win $500 – sweet!

When it has been won, I will delete the old questions and put up the new ones.

Steve won it at the 5pm play! Heather killed it at 7am! Brad polished off the last two questions on Thursday’s 11am play. Nicely done at 7pm, Don! Janet pasted it at 7pm – great way to start the weekend! Mark kicked ass on the 11am play. Greg put us out of our misery at 2pm. Nicely done, Carol at 2pm!┬áMike won at 7am. Henry got them all right at 11am. Aman won Xmas money at 7am. Keith won it at 7pm. Woooo Alicia! Killing it at 7am! WOOOHOOO – I WON!!! I finished the last 2 questions at the 7pm hour! Whew! Lorraine won the last game at 8pm on a Friday – congrats Lorraine!!!