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Fall Radio Ratings Dec 2015

Posted on Dec 10, 2015

The ratings are in! And there are some surprises this time around…

These are the ratings for the period from August 31, 2015 to November 29, 2015. The students have returned to school and people are back to their regular schedules.

The numbers below are taken from the Numeris site HERE. For the full report and to compare the numbers over the past 2 years, go HERE.

QMFM – 13.7

Rock 101 – 6.7

Virgin 94.5 – 6.5

CFOX – 5.5

Jack – 5.2

JRFM – 4.9

Z95.3 – 4.7

CISL – 4.5

Kiss – 3.4

Peak – 3.4

LG104.9 – 2.8


As I always say, I know nothing about the business. In fact, I probably know LESS than nothing about the radio business. But as a fan, as a listener, I definitely have opinions. Because I listen for the contests, I’ve gotten to know most of the hosts and music. Following them on social media gives you a good look into who they are – the stations and the hosts too.

My ears , my age, and my personality lead me to certain stations and hosts but not others. The numbers above are not indicative of my personal tastes, but I’m not sure I represent anyone other than stay-at-home Moms…

So I’m going to give you my opinion now, but I want you to keep in mind that this is MY personal opinion only, and does not mean a DAMNED THING to anyone! You will have your own opinions and I respect that, and I’d love to hear them! Feel free to comment with your opinions.

QMFM: no surprises. A common retail store station. I love the Christmas music, but otherwise don’t tune in regularly throughout the year (except to the morning show when my regular favourites are on holidays). I miss Nat and Drew, I wish they were on a different station!

Rock 101: bringing Willy in was the best possible move. Maybe it’s time to shake up the rest of the schedule…

Virgin: I can’t listen to this station. 50% of their hosts make my ears (and sensibilities) bleed. The word immature comes to mind. And phony. They have big money behind them so they can afford to be all flash and no substance.

CFOX: a big jump in their ratings. I know that lots of people have switched from Peak to CFOX lately. I have no opinion on that, but I do occasionally enjoy listening to CFOX. I can’t listen when Meredith is on – she is a lovely person but her voice makes me cringe.

Jack: the little engine that could. I attribute their increased ratings to the new afternoon hosts, and to Kiah and Tara Jean’s unstoppable force. You can’t NOT like them!

JRFM: this drop in ratings has me shakin’ in my boots! It scares the beejesus outta me! Bringing Purvey in didn’t increase the ratings as I thought it would. It’s good to have some young blood for sure, but I’m worried… oh, so worried…

Z95.3: I don’t get it. My best guess is that since the programming change (seems to be more of a mix, closer to Jack style rather than top 40 like before), they lost some of the younger crowd. Which I think speaks to the maturity of the station – it’s for the funner, more down to earth crowd. Less flash, more substance.

CISL: increased ratings. Love the classic Christmas tunes! This is for the older crowd, but guess what? We’re all getting older! So maybe this is the choice of older shopkeepers? I would stay in a store that was playing CISL!

Kiss: Nope. I will listen sometimes when Ara is on, but otherwise, nope. Too much attitude. And mumbling and yelling. Good for the younger, angrier crowd.

Peak: this is a mystery. Even my husband, who is a huge Peak fan, is now switching to CFOX more often! I don’t know what the hell is going on… too many repeat songs and odd music choices are some of the whispers I’ve heard…

LG104.3: this station is clearly for those over 50. I like to pop in now and then to get my nostalgia fix, but I couldn’t listen to it all day. After all, I’ve heard these tunes all my life – I’ve heard them enough! But it’s nice to visit occasionally. Losing Larry and Corrie ensures that I will not listen in the mornings (no offence, Kelly!)

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn! Please chime in, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!