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Gossip, Secrets, and Assumptions

Posted on Dec 14, 2015

Another one bites the dust!

Randi Chase is gone from Kiss and the Kid Carson Show.

Why? We don’t know. They are keeping mum about the whole thing. It’s all so… shady?

On Sunday, Kid Carson posted a message on his Instagram saying he was sad to report that Randi Chase was no longer with them, and that he would talk about it ONLY ONCE on his show Monday morning. All traces of Randi were wiped from the Kiss website, and her social media accounts showed no signs of Kiss associations.

Fast forward to Monday morning, 6:10am. A jumbled Kid Carson came on air and in his stilted, halting style, said only that he couldn’t talk about what he wanted to talk about. He said it was a sad day, that he’d prepared something “nice” to say, but apparently it wasn’t the right thing to say, so he couldn’t say anything. He claimed to not know “a lot about what’s going on” and knows “a little bit about what’s going on”, but he “can’t share that”, so they’re just going to “move on”. He hopes that “in the coming days” they can “sorta say something a little bit, it’s kinda the respectful thing to do if someone that was obviously such a huge, huge part of the show and a huge part of <my> life, and y’know, when someone’s gone, it’s like – just think of the last time you broke up with somebody…”

Okay. So we know that Randi is gone, but we don’t know if she got fired or if she just quit. Did she get pregnant? Did her fiance get a job elsewhere and they had to move? Or did the low ratings call for a change? When he likened the loss to breaking up with somebody, our first thought is “oh, they had a fight and are no longer friends.” There are whiffs of a spat on the net:

One person posted on Randi’s Instagram that “If Kid let you go because of your opinion on self help, well you’re entitled to your own opinions and you do not have to agree with everything he believes in.”

Another posted “This is bullshit!!!! And if it has to do with you expressing your opinion on the show and the argument, I will stop listening and switch stations.”

Yet another poster said “Hope you didn’t get fired for standing up in what you believe and not agreeing with that jackass Kid.”

Huh. This makes it seem like maybe she and Kid had a falling out. Perhaps Kid isn’t the easy-going dude he likes to portray?

Another piece to this puzzle comes from another former KCS member, Chelsea Hobbis. Chelsea, who was fired in November 2013, has been doing wonderfully, working at the family business Cap’s Westwood Cycle. The sting of being fired has worn off, and she has bounced back stronger than ever, in a healthier, more positive version of her peppy self!

Until the pain came back strongly yet briefly. Monday morning she tweeted “Ahhhh kind of a throwback Monday to two years ago when my life turned around and standing up for myself felt awesome!”

Shortly after that she tweeted (and immediately deleted but I grabbed a screenshot first!) “His report card would say “doesn’t play well with others”.


Wow. Does THAT ever speak volumes!!! Was she referring to Kid? Or someone else at the station?? I’m starting to think that maybe Kid Carson isn’t the great guy we (or I, at least) have always believed him to be…

This brings to mind the falling out at Beat. In a 2012 interview with BC Living, he says he had “wanted to change some aspects of the show” and “we all have to take a risk to avoid being happily stagnant in the comfort zone.” Was removing Randi a way to change some aspects to improve the ratings, or a way to get them out of the comfort zone?

Kid’s Sunday Instagram revelation has now been replaced with a new statement: “I’m sorry. Been told <emoticon with mouth zippered shut>” Without proper answers, all we can do is speculate. We can only assume that Randi and Kid had a fight, he fired her, and now the station is scrambling to come up with a plausible statement that will deflect the wrath of loyal listeners.

If you end up breaking up with every person you are close to, eventually you have to start looking at yourself. Maybe you ARE the problem. It is the most delusional alcoholic that says they don’t have a drinking problem, everyone else has a problem…

Jaamitch on Instagram says “Kid Carson should leave and join Scientology. Guy is wack” (sic)

I don’t know, that may be a bit harsh. He doesn’t seem crazy to me, just a little lost. Like a petulant little boy, wanting the world to change for him, wanting things his own way. And who wouldn’t?! We all want things our own way! But if you get paid for having things a certain way, then you kind of have to toe the line. If you rock the boat, sometimes you are the one that gets wet!

This latest drama does nothing to endear Kid and Kiss – I predict even lower ratings for this already flailing station. But again, I’m no expert, I’m just a nobody with ears…

For those of you just reading this now, today, Jan 7th, the day Kid Carson got fired, please go to the post HERE for more info.

And my final thoughts on the subject are HERE. I will not write about it again. I’m over it. I hope you are too…

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