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Ode to Hosts

Posted on Dec 24, 2015

A year-end ode to my favourite hosts:


Clay and Karen are like bread and buttah,

You can’t have one without the othah.

They make me giggle, they make me think.

They’ve thrown in Purvey to make me blink.

They’ve been a staple of morning routine

Longer than Costco has sold poutine.

Letting them go would be a mistake,

Hopefully Jimmy’s on the same page!


Kiah and Tara Jean, they are a riot.

If they were selling something, I’d surely buy it!

They’re wacky and wonderful rolled into one.

These two are all about the fun!

Kieran’s the sidekick producer, at least he WAS,

No sign of him now – time to start a buzz??


Kevin and Sonia are sweet as pie,

Cool as cucumbers and super fly.

Glad they’re here to start your day,

Ratings aren’t changing but maybe they’ll stay?

It’s a niche market but they’re holding their own,

My affinity for Peak sure has grown.


Cory Ashworth is back by Peak’s side,

Proving perseverance overtakes pride.

I admire him in so many ways,

Hearing him on air always makes my day!


Nat and Drew and Scooter and Erin,

I wish they weren’t at QMFM.

The banter makes me want to tune in,

But the music makes me think again.

I miss the days when they were at 95.3,

Those days are super special for me.


Kiss is on my Shit List

But Ara’s the saving grace,

He’s my favourite on Kiss

Since they lost Randi Chase.


Willy is the man,

He’s my radio crush.

Selfies with him

Make me blush.

I have utmost respect for him and his queens,

Congrats Rock 101 – you’ve got the dream team!


Ruby and Cruise on Zed

are quite a delight,

Like little brothers and sisters,

They put up a fight.

Feisty and light and fun are they,

Inch by inch, they are paving their way.


Sutto’s a great addition,

he’s got great energy.

What is it about that accent

That gets us all googly?!

Emilie’s a sweetheart, she makes me smile,

She’s my go-to for fashion and style!


But Zed’s crowning glory

Is my star Matty B,

His laugh is contagious,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

He’s sassy and smart and I’ll always tune in,

Keep him Zed, I’d be lost without him!