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Star Wars: The Forced Awakening

Posted on Dec 17, 2015

It’s everywhere. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much hype for a movie. Everything from Star Wars food packaging to Star Wars condoms. Yeesh!

Each time one of these movies comes out, I brace for the barrage of Star Wars news. But this time, it’s worse. So. Much. Worse.

Now it’s time for some confessions:

  1. I’ve only seen 1 Star Wars movie – the original one.
  2. I don’t know the difference between C3PO and R2D2 (is that even their names??)
  3. I know the big hairy guy as Chewy Chewbacca. Is that his name? Is he a Wookie?
  4. Yoda who?
  5. And who’s the big blob-like thing?
  6. Darth Vader was Luke’s father and Princess Leia was Luke’s sister, but who was PL banging?
  7. Until 2007, I didn’t know that Han Solo and Indiana Jones are the same person.
  8. I sometimes confuse Star Wars and Star Trek.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was going to see Star Wars. I replied “nah, I’m not a Trekkie.” She raised an eyebrow¬†and said “aaaahhh… what??” I sputtered and quickly corrected myself: “I meant, I’m not a Star Wars fan.” But I think she knew exactly what I was – a phony baloney!

When I saw the original movie back in 1977 at the impressionable age of 11, I loved it. Oh, how I loved it! I remember to this day how I cried for happiness when it was nominated (and won?) Oscar after Oscar that year. I had to leave the living room, where my family was hunkered down around our brand new colour tv, because I was too cool to cry in front of them. They couldn’t possibly understand how I could be overwhelmed with such feelings – Finns don’t have FEELINGS!!! Pride, yes. Loyalty, yes. Feelings? Ah, no. Just… no.

Since that original, most wonderful and life-changing movie – nada. First I was too poor to go to movies, then I was too cool for Star Wars, then I was too drunk, too horny, too busy, too whatever. Movie after movie passed me by and I barely gave it a thought.

The marketing and hype is doing its job though – I am feeling the stirrings of curiosity about the movie. But I can’t just jump in and watch this new release! From what I understand, I must barricade myself in my house, turn off my phone, and watch all episodes back-to-back from the beginning. How many are there? Like SEVEN?? Good grief! There goes a Sunday!!

Up until now, my kids have been too young to really get into Star Wars (or Star Trek, for that matter!) And since neither my husband nor I are fanatical about the pervasive series, it’s no surprise that our kids are oblivious. But now that the kids are older, school is going to be out for a few weeks, and the weather is crap – maybe NOW is a good time to hunker down with bucket loads of snacks and watch back-to-back Star Wars movies for an entire weekend.

To get us started, how about some advice – should we start at the beginning and watch them in order of their release? Or should we watch them in their chronological order (whatever that may be – you’ll have to enlighten me!)?