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Xmas Letter to Zedta

Posted on Dec 8, 2015

Dear Zedta,

I’ve been good all year. I’ve played by the rules, jumped through hoops, and done my best to share. I’ve put others’ needs before my own, and I’m hoping NOW is a good time to ask for something for myself. For me and only me.

I probably haven’t been as good as I could’ve been this year. Maybe I raised my voice or didn’t clean my room or said some naughty words. But I could promise to be really, really good for the rest of this year and aaaaaaall of next year if you promised to put a little something special in my stocking…

You know how much I love ZFX and Gold Digger, and I’m so, so, SO thankful for those every year. They make me very, very happy. But remember that time that you took a bunch of friends to Vegas on your sleigh? And remember how I didn’t get to go because I couldn’t win my way in because I was out of town and I probably couldn’t have gone anyway because my kids were too young and it would’ve been too hard to leave them?

Well, I sure would love a second chance. But it doesn’t have to be Vegas (though Vegas would ROCK!!!), it could be a fun party right here in town. You know how much I LOVE parties! It would be great if we could all attend a party at a hotel venue, and then crawl upstairs and sleep it off. I mean, that’s basically what we’d do in Vegas anyway, right? Hah!

I know it’s asking a lot, but if you could find it in your heart to grant me one wish, that’s what I wish for – a party with Matty B hosting. But not ONLY Matty B – we need his Bestie, and his Boysie, and all of the Zed crew. Raise a toast with Ruby, cut a rug with Cruise, sing with Sutto, gab with Emilie, rub shoulders with Kat. Wait, who’d be left holding down the fort? Uh… never mind! A themed party, like the old Fake Film Festival parties – Hawaiian theme, disco theme, or a Valentine’s LOOOOVE theme – would make my heart so happy! I’m freeing up Saturday February 13th just in case…

I’m a Zedthusiast. A Zedaholic. A Zedmirer, zedlot, zedcentric, zaddict. But you already knew that, didn’t you, Zedta?

P.S. I’ll leave the cookies on the piano this year so the dogs don’t eat them (again)!