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Xmas Lootto Max 2015 ***UPDATE***

Posted on Dec 25, 2015

***UPDATE*** We didn’t win. Boo! But next week’s jackpot is at $32 million, so we’ll try for that!


I accidentally wrote Lootto Max, then decided to keep it because it seemed appropriate – WE WANT LOOT!!! 😀

Here is the blog ticket – Comment on this post to get in the draw with me, or e-mail me an “I’m IN!” and you’re included.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful way to start the new year?? So tell me… any New Year’s resolutions for you? I don’t usually make them myself, but I’m inspired this year:

  1. start exercising
  2. get more fresh air
  3. lose 5 lbs
  4. help hubby with his business
  5. de-clutter by June
  6. make enough money to take kids to Finland for a month next summer
  7. related to 6: get a job!