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Year-End Contest Ratings

Posted on Dec 26, 2015

It’s been another fun year of exciting (and sometimes frustrating) radio contests. Here is a list of the major ones (in no particular order), and I’ve added their rating stars according to my Food Scale Ratings:

* = rotten tomato (stinker, worthy of an eye-roll)

** = raspberry (not a stinker but makes me tsk)

*** = Chinese Food (nice for a change but ultimately unsatisfying)

**** = Large Salad (delicious but leaves me wanting just a little something more)

***** = Beer & Wings (makes me VERY happy!!!)

Cash is King:

E-transfers (****) – the Bell stations had these a few times. I like that it plays at set times, and it’s instant money.

Perfect 10 (*****) – fun, interesting, set times, keeps me tuning in.

Payroll (***) – Meh. Lots of work.

Easy Money (***) – requires paying attention all day for little reward.

Cash or Car (***) – the buy-outs weren’t spectacular, but it was fun to listen to.

Z-FX (*****) – fun, set times, requires thinking but for huge rewards.

Beat the Bank (*****) – set times, exciting.

Santa Sack (***) – slow but fun for a change.

Christmas Cash (****) – only the lack of set times keeps this from being a 5-star.

Spring Ka-Ching (*) – if there were a no-stars rating, it would be appropriate here. Hated this contest.

$10,000 Song (**) – meh. Luckily it’s on a station that I listen to all the time anyway, otherwise I wouldn’t bother…

1 K A day (**) – not a fan. Thousands of entries each day, not exciting. Passive.

Santa Song (*****) – fun, instant win, times given.

$1000 1 Second Song (***) – fun to guess at but way too hard to play!



Barbados (****) – fun, exciting, set play times, fewer names in the pool because there was a draw each day, could enter multiple times. Only 4 stars because it wasn’t an all-inclusive!

Dominican Republic (*****) – instant win, set time to play, all-inclusive, set dates.

Viva Rock Vegas (****) – instant win, set dates. Only 4 star because there were no set times to play.

Disneyland (***) – large pool of entrants, no set travel dates, not especially exciting to play.

Alt-J in NY (***) – lots of entrants in the pool, set travel dates. Meh.

Jamaica (**) – insufficient rules and regs, not fun.

Cuba (***) – text-in. Only thing that keeps it at a 3 is that it was all-inclusive and  you got to travel with Kiah and TJ!

Holy Guacamole (****) – set times, nice prize for qualifying, no set travel dates, all-inclusive. Kept at a 4 because of a large pool of names in the draw.

Mexico (****) – set time to play, exciting, all-inclusive, set travel dates.

Red Solo Cup (*****) – suuuuper fun to play and follow! Set play times, easy to play, fast trip.



Mother-in-Law contest (**) – probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but it didn’t keep us tuned in. Interesting but not engaging.

Peak Wedding (***) – interesting and new. Not engaging but fun to be able to attend.

Larry-Oke (****) – guess we won’t be hearing THAT game again! But it was fun.

Key Party (**) – I’m not a fan of these key parties per se, but they are fun to attend.

Sign the car (***) – how fun to graffiti up a car! But oodles of entries, odds of winning were slim-to-none. Some

Take a pic with the car (*) – not very interesting.

Peak Party Crasher car (****) – fun to enter, large pool of entries.

iPad A Day (**) – they changed the rules for this one so I didn’t enjoy it much this time around.

Win at Work (****) – increased minimum win made it more fun for me. Keeps me on my toes!

Squamish Valley Music Fest (***) – listen for a song by a SVMF artist. Kind of fun, but meh.

Pemberton Fest (***) – also meh, but only because I wasn’t interested in going to the festival so I didn’t tune in for the game.

Bad Santa (*****) – I frigging LOVED this game! So fun to play and listen to – even after winning it I still wanted to tune in!


There were other games too but I have forgotten what they were and I don’t want to read through my 300 posts of 2015 to find them. If they don’t stick out they probably weren’t great.

My favourite games this year were Bad Santa, Red Solo Cup, and of course Z-FX. An honourable mention goes to Perfect 10 – it was new and fun!

Bell is a master at vacation prizes, but the worst of the year was definitely Spring Ka-Ching – it was a waste of time.

Also, text-in contests blow and I’ll never like them. #SorryNotSorry