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Posted on Dec 5, 2015

I don’t know if you heard, but yesterday I had quite the luck!

First, I got through for CFOX’s WEGE. When the Jeff O’Neil Show play it at around 8:35, they let caller 9’s line ring and then answer it live. That line rings through about half way through the song, and you would probably be tempted to hang up because it rings for so long! But because we know they answer it live, we wait. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s not, but it’s always exciting waiting to find out.

But JOS were away this past week, and Craig Stone was filling in. He played the game right at 8am, which I really appreciated. I got a busy signal for a full 3 minutes, but just as the song was ending, my cell phone got through. I thought maybe he had played the game already off air, and I rang through when the player hung up. But no, he answered my call LIVE! I was stunned and happy and excited – I LOVE this game!!!

Just as he was about to answer the call, he said what the previous person had won: 2 five day lift passes for Grouse Mountain. My immediate reaction was “I WANT THAT!!!” and then he answered my line and I was frozen. Uh oh. Nobody wants to be a Grinch! But I really, really, REALLY wanted those lift passes!!! My husband is an expert skier and wants to teach the kids, and they are finally the perfect ages to learn. So I did what anybody would do – I went for what I wanted, and I stole them. I did.

I felt bad, especially when I found out that the other person now got stuck with a Fitbit! I would’ve been SOOOOOO disappointed if I’d gotten stuck with that Fitbit. I don’t even know what it is, but I think it has something to do with exercise – the only thing I’m exercising these days is my right to be lazy!! Now that my kids are both in school I finally have time to breathe, I don’t need to spend it breathing heavily! Nope, nope, NOPE!!!

Now I had to wait and hope that the 11am player didn’t steal my prize. I mean, who could blame them? It was a great prize!!! I would’ve been sad and disappointed, but I certainly wouldn’t have been angry. And who knows, maybe the consolation prize would’ve been something good too, like a tv! I could use a new tv…

Kwan was caller 9 at 11. Either he doesn’t ski or he already has a season’s pass, because he opted for the Mystery Prize. I was squealing inside!!! And maybe a little outside too, I’m not sure. Kwan got himself a wireless speaker and headphones – he didn’t sound overly excited, but maybe he was really happy with those.

Here’s the thing – even though I had played and had gotten an awesome prize, this game is so fun that I made sure to tune in for the rest of the day too. And I will listen all next week and as long as the game plays, because it’s SO FUN! The prizes are interesting and the suspense is exciting. LOVE it! It’s not as good as ZFX, but I don’t think anything could knock ZFX from my 1st Place position. It might be a close second though…

And THEN, yesterday afternoon I saw a tweet from CKNW that Larry Hennessey was going to be co-hosting with Drex at 7pm! Larry, who got fired from LG, the Larry of Larry & Willy fame! I never listen to the radio in the evenings, and if I did it wouldn’t be CKNW, but I just HAD to tune in. And you know what I discovered? I actually LIKE talk radio! Yikes! Does that mean I’m getting old??? EEEEEK! Drex has a voice that is very pleasing to my ears, so I will definitely be tuning in when I have time in the evenings.

Drex and Larry had such great chemistry, it was uber entertaining. Then they had Willy call in, and the three of them were on FIRE! I was laughing out loud and they had me glued to my radio for a good hour. I was supposed to be having a “movie night” with my kids but I put my earbuds in so the kids didn’t know I was listening to the radio, but then when I was laughing out loud at inappropriate times, they got suspicious. I had to excuse myself and go listen in the kitchen while pretending to make us a snack plate!

During my time in the kitchen, Drex and Larry played a game called 20 Questions. Apparently it’s a game that Drex plays on Friday nights. They told people to call in, so after a few seconds I decided to give it a try. I just wanted to talk to Larry!! So I called, and it rang right away. I was the first player! Whaaaaat?? Wow. I got to question 3. Blah. But some of the questions were hard, and the final question was a real stumper. I googled it for a good 10 minutes before I even had a decent guess. I noticed that there were repeat players, so I decided to call in again and take a guess. As I was on the line listening and waiting for my turn, Drex said something that gave away the correct answer – I had a choice of 3 guesses, but his clue told me which one was right. I played, I guessed, I got it right!

I won passes to the advance screening of a movie (at 5th Avenue Cinemas next Thursday), plus $50 to Spaghetti Factory. We LOVE the Spaghetti Factory!!! We will be taking the kids there during the Christmas break – maybe on our way home from skiing at Grouse! 😀