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Another New Face!

Posted on Jan 22, 2016

And by “face” I mean “voice”!

I was just perusing Facebook (as I’m wont to do on a lazy Thursday night) and saw a post from Z953. Under the narrative was a signature: Nikki (the new girl). Huh. So I went digging…

It seems that Kat Carter is no longer doing the Z95.3 midday show. In fact, she is nowhere to be seen. Her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are quiet, and have been quiet since Christmas. There was a Z95.3 blog post on January 4th, but nothing since. Interestingly, her blog is still up there – maybe she’s just behind the scenes now? Her social media accounts still say she’s at Zed, so…

So now there’s Nikki. Nikki who? Nikki Balch, that’s who! Looks like she moved to Vancouver on January 18th from the evening show at New Hot 89.9 in Ottawa. Welcome Nikki! I love change, I embrace it, and I’m so excited for your new adventure!!!

Nikki is slated to take over Kat’s 9-1 spot, but she’s warming up with Emilie’s evening shift for starters. Hopefully Nikki will woo me with her intellect and humour, and more importantly, I hope she is real with us. No phony laughter, no “radio voice”, no attitude. I know, it’s a lot to ask, but I’ve got my fingers crossed! I stalked her social media accounts and she looks like a lot of fun! And she’s gorgeous. Love the nose ring!

I had a feeling something was up when I heard Emilie in the 9-1 slot this week. I’m happy for the change, but sad to lose Emilie back to nights again. But so far, sounds like Nikki is a good fit. I’ll be listening!