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Are You A Gamer?

Posted on Jan 18, 2016

You probably know by now that I love games. I love watching game shows, I love playing board games, I love playing cards and Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble. I hate Monopoly though, it bores me to tears. But I digress! Games are only fun if you have someone to play with. When I was lonely (in my teens), I would play Yahtzee against myself, pretending to be the other person and rolling the dice with my left hand instead. LOL! But I’ve never been into video games for some reason.

My kids recently discovered the games on our tv. I didn’t even know we had them! They come with our Shaw cable package I guess. They have been having so much fun playing Invasion Wave, Blockbreaker, and Solitaire!

Invasion Wave is the one where their guy scrolls across the bottom and shoots up at flying saucers. The saucers come lower and lower so you have to hurry up and blast them before they blast you.

Blockbreaker is very much like the first video game I ever played at my friend’s house – that tennis one, circa 1977 – where the ball bounces and you have to direct it up to smash the blocks. If you miss, the ball goes down and you lose a life.

The problem is that the remote control sucks, and every time a dog or person walks in front of the tv, the remote doesn’t work. Plus, they aren’t able to save their games, so they keep having to start on Level 1 if they close the game! It would be great if they could each have a controller, and also be able to start where they left off.

I had a roommate once who had a video game machine and we used to play Mario on it. I tired of it quickly, but my roommate could play for hours on end. It was a fun thing to do on a rainy day though, and now that we have the kids’ playroom set up downstairs, I’d love to get them a machine so they could play it downstairs (and let me watch tv upstairs!!!) There isn’t any cable hooked up to the tv in the playroom, but they could certainly hook up a video game machine to it.

I’ve personally never owned a video game machine of any sort, so I am clueless. I keep calling it a “video game machine” because I don’t even know what they are called! Is it a Nintendo? Is it a Wii? Is it a Playstation? WTF?! I  have no idea! Please help!

There is no need to buy a new one – I see dozens listed on Craigs List – but I have no idea which system plays which games. Which one would have games like the ones they are playing now on tv?

If you have any information on this, I would really appreciate some advice! Better yet, if you have an old one you’re not using, I’ll buy it! I’ll also need you to show me how to hook it up. LOL!