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Posted on Jan 19, 2016

If Morning Show hosts were bread:



Ruby & Cruise. Cruby. One guy, one girl. One white bread sandwich. Standard fare.



Kelly Latremouille. Milk toast. Good when you’re under the weather.



Clay, Karen, and Purvey. Dampfnudel, cornbread, and white meat between the two. Basically a white bread sandwich with lyoner. Regular fare at my house!



Kevin & Sonia.  Bing and roti. A tasty treat!



Nat & Drew, Erin and Scooter. Two white bread sandwiches with lots of fillers, like Dagwood’s favourite snack. Very filling.



Jonny, Nira, and Amy. Sourdough, pappadum, and teacake. Flavourful but sometimes too much gives you gas.



Bro Jake et al. – Crumpets and croutons. Need accompaniments. Maybe some jam.


Rock 101

Willy, Alece, Kim – 1 guy, 2 girls. Rye, pretzel, and a waffle. Delicious, satisfying staples.



JOS – 1 girl, 3 guys. Texas toast, pan dulce, focaccia, and cottage loaf. Big and stuffed. Can’t have too much.



Kiah & Tara Jean. Damper and hoecake. With Vegemite. For a more refined palate. 😉



Randi, Andrew, and Susie. 2 girls and a guy. Paratha, kulcha, and farl. So exotic you may not have heard of them.


Where are the croissants, the bagels, the pizza? How about some bannock? A baguette? Some curry bread?

Hey, don’t get me wrong: I LOVE white bread! It goes with everything, it’s soft and digestible, and it’s very easy to swallow. But sometimes you really feel like sinking your teeth into something a bit more substantial. Something grainy or gritty, something with lots of flavour.

There’s room for some savoury additions…